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12 Airline Trend Predictions for 2016: Which Are Most Likely to Succeed?

Whether you look at these 2016 predictions from the perspective of a consumer or the perspective of an airline, they are beneficial aims. They are also tall orders. We don’t think airlines can accomplish all of these goals in 2016, but they should make progress. Or they had better get busy starting.

9 months ago

Turning Airline Miles Into Bitcoin? It’s Possible as Alternative Currencies Edge Ahead

We hope there is no way this could all go horribly, horribly wrong.

2 years ago

GuestLogix to Acquire OpenJaw Technologies for $41.2 Million

GuestLogix gets to broaden its retailing reach and technology base through the acquisition of OpenJaw Technologies.

2 years ago

How Airlines and Airports Will Use Tech to Boost Retail

Passengers will likely spend more, but many of them will appreciate this as long as its seamless.

3 years ago

GuestLogix Was In the Right Place With the Wrong Solution

GuestLogix has some heavy-lifting ahead as it restructures to downplay its reliance on low-margin hardware sales for use in the onboard sale of ancillary services. The company has long-standing airline relationships, and new partnerships with in-flight entertainment companies such as Golden Eagle Entertainment, but it is going to be very tough going.

3 years ago