Going to Extreme Lengths on Video Equals Good Things for Travel Brands

GoPro and Red Bull inspire more travel than just about any other travel media brand you can think of. And if that makes you uncomfortable, talk to a young person and get even more uncomfortable.

Animal Planet Builds Travel Series Around Adventure GoPro Shots

Animal Planet's new series takes notes from popular online content, which largely consists of adventurers and athletes taking their own videos and sharing them with the world resulting in more relaxed, authentic content that viewers seek and connect with.

GoPro Beats Expectations in First Holiday Quarter as a Public Company

The device that's radically changed travel video emerges all shiny from its first holiday quarter as a public company.

Marriott Hands Out GoPro Cameras as Hotels Try to Encourage Social Posts

Despite the difficulty in measuring an exact ROI, hotels know that gaining awareness across social media is good for their brand and outreach and they want to give guests the tools and scenes they need to make a great photo.

GoPro Shares Drop After Founders Use 5.8 Million Shares to Form Foundation

Shareholders overreacted to what was an otherwise awesome move on the part of a successful startup founder.

Skift Global Forum: Vimeo President on How Brands Can Win by Letting Go

The video revolution is a work in progress with GoPro and Instagram's new Hyperlapse feature showing their influence.

The Biggest Cliche in Travel Companies’ Business Models

Claims of an unyielding network effect are often so much hot air such as when Expedia claims that it has "mutually beneficial supply agreements" that reinforce its global marketplace. Still, when companies such as TripAdvisor, which attracts more than 100 user reviews and ratings per minute, truly achieve a network effect, their growth can be exponential.

Travel IPO Market of 2014 Has Shifted Toward Europe and Asia

To some extent, the shift in geographic focus of the travel IPO market from the U.S. in 2013 toward Europe and Asia Pacific so far in 2014 reflects where the burgeoning investment and market opportunities are opening up, although it is somewhat surprising that Latin America has yet to be heard from in a very meaningful way.

GoPro Stock Soars 30% on IPO Opening Day

GoPro caught the IPO boom and it ain't over yet with Alibaba and others on tap. It's good news for Travelport, which is also trying to IPO, but the euphoria doesn't necessarily translate.

GoPro CEO: A Selfie Realization Propelled the Company

GoPro learned early that vanity sells in the form of selfie videos. GoPro's challenge will be to evolve from a gadget company into a media enterprise because hardware can fairly easily be copied.