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The Rise of Civil Rights Tourism in America’s Deep South

Historically, tourism in the Deep South steered clear of discussing slavery and Jim Crow, instead leaning on less contentious topics like country music and antebellum architecture. But now, civil rights museums are becoming an important part of the South's tourism landscape, even if many state tourism boards haven't gotten on the bandwagon.

2 months ago

The U.S. Southeast Left to Wonder Where the Canadian Tourists Went

On the flip side, it's a good season for inbound Canadian travel from the U.S.

11 months ago

Georgia Adds Content and Trip Planning to Its Tourism Website

Although most travelers research more than a dozen sites when planning a trip, information and direction shared by official tourism boards are key to building awareness of a destinations' offerings and opportunities.

2 years ago

New Atlanta Sports Stadium to Boost Revenue with Adjacent Retail Strip

Atlanta's new stadium will encourage higher visitor spending by strategically placing shops and restaurants alongside the popular stadium.

2 years ago

900 Flyers Pass Through TSA PreCheck Lanes a Day at Savannah Airport

On the surface PreCheck seems like a step in the right direction, but in reality it is building on top of the country's already outdated and unstable transportation infrastructure. Airports should be streamlining security for all passengers instead of creating more lanes under a new name.

3 years ago

The 11 Tourism Boards That Use Twitter Like a Real-Time Concierge

Destinations should be heavily investing in real-time social engagement to build brand awareness, improve visitors' experiences, and share meaningful content that fuels inspiration. Destinations that don't are missing out.

3 years ago

Savannah to Begin Georgia’s First Municipal Bike-Sharing Program

Bike-sharing is no longer restricted to large cities as smaller municipalities such as Savannah get involved. This speaks to the success and attractiveness of the trend.

3 years ago

Marathons Are Becoming a Guaranteed Tourist Attraction Across the U.S.

The rise of the marathon and other day-long sports events are driving tourists to nearby cities and across the country. And the bump in tourist spend almost always outweighs organizing costs.

3 years ago

Savannah surprised by its own steady and sustainable tourism growth

Savannah’s largest market of incoming visitors is comprised of day-trippers from cities that are driving distance away, but an increase in designer hotels and larger festivals and attractions has started to widen the city’s tourism base.

3 years ago

The small Georgia town that the Walking Dead brought back to life

If you’re the mayor of a small U.S. town and Hollywood producers come knocking, you owe it to your community to hear them out -- especially if they start talking about eating brains.

4 years ago

Georgia wants to battle poverty with more tourist destinations like Batumi

A fountain with free flowing vodka? Advertise this and Georgia’s tourism industry will surely flourish, although its seaside location and noted hospitality has also succeeded in attracting top global investors.

4 years ago

Georgia Looks to India for a Cash-Rich Cinema Comeback

Movie and TV-inspired tourism is increasingly becoming a big business, and Georgia is trying to woo through the world's largest movie industry Bollywood.

4 years ago