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FlightCar Raises $13.5 Million for Peer-to-Peer Airport Car Rentals

Flightcar needs to work out its relationship with existing and new airport partners to legitimize its business and pave way for its growth.

2 years ago

What RelayRide’s Latest Funding Reveals About Ground Transport at Airports

There is clearly demand for more ground transit options, but startups must be cognizant of working with airports to bring about change rather than create a hostile operating environment for incumbents.

2 years ago

FlightCar and airports argue over what’s innovation and what’s just cheating

FlightCar likens itself to other sharing economy companies by arguing that there are no regulations for its new business model. But it really isn't complicated at all: It is a business, and there are rules about businesses operating at airports.

3 years ago

San Francisco’s efforts to make Airbnb, FlightCar and the sharing economy legit

The Mayor's Office, Airbnb, and SFO all talk about an ongoing "dialogue" and "conversation," but any timelines are vague and the city’s own neighborhood associations, let alone its residents, aren't yet part of the discussion. The sharing economy will one day be regulated in San Francisco, but there's still much work to be done.

3 years ago

Airport car-rental startups challenging business practices of major players

It may be a leap of faith to park your car at the airport and then rent it out while you travel, but car rental startups are at least making a statement that the standard ways of doing business aren't etched in stone -- and 6-page rental agreements.

4 years ago