FAA Finds ‘Minor’ Safety Lapses in Multiple Areas at Allegiant Air

The FAA didn't find Allegiant's safety lapses as to be so extensive as to warrant enforcement action. On the other hand, there is cause for concern because deficiencies were found in several areas of the airline's operations.

Updated: FAA Lifts Turkish Air Flight Ban

Considering the United States was the only major country to bar flights from Turkey’s airlines, it makes sense that that ban could be lifted relatively quickly.

United Airlines Takes a $400 Million Hit After FAA Lifts Newark Limits

Thanks to one FAA decision, more than $400 million in assets simply disappeared from United's books. That's never a good thing.

Congress Is Finally About to Approve an Aviation Bill to Relieve Lines and Boost Security

The bill — which is expected to pass the House and Senate — won't make everyone completely happy. But it was necessary, with a little more than a week left before the expiration of the Federal Aviation Administration's operating authority.

The FAA Says Airline Pilots Don’t Need Psychological Testing

The FAA is hoping that pilots will self-report on any mental health issues, even though history shows they will be unlikely to do so.

Allegiant’s Image Problems Continue as FAA Begins Review

Allegiant Air is another low-cost carrier struggling to build a positive image in the U.S.

Populist Rage in the U.S. Only Goes so Far When It Comes to Airline Regulations

We don't have much confidence in the current Congress to make the right decisions about customer protections or passenger experience. So we'll just have to dream of the day when there is sensible legislation on fees and guidance on seat size.

Newark Airport Is About to Be Busier Than It Has Been in Years

Considering the poor state of two of Newark's three terminals, we are not confident it can handle the increased traffic.

The U.S. Government Expects a New Age of Sustainable Airlines

It's nice that the FAA expects consolidation to have eliminated all the problems in U.S. aviation. But history has shown that the reality for these companies is usually more complicated, for a variety of reasons including corporate greed and geopolitical tension.