United Airlines Takes a $400 Million Hit After FAA Lifts Newark Limits

Thanks to one FAA decision, more than $400 million in assets simply disappeared from United's books. That's never a good thing.

New York Airports Threaten to Remove TSA in Favor of Alternate Screeners

The best chance of solving the TSA staffing issue is the U.S. House approving additional funds to pay overtime for TSA workers. But the truth is that more airports should experiment with alternative security staffing, like the New York Port Authority has threatened to do.

Newark Airport Is About to Be Busier Than It Has Been in Years

Considering the poor state of two of Newark's three terminals, we are not confident it can handle the increased traffic.

Lyft and Uber Get Green Light to Operate at New York City’s Newark Airport

New Jersey's ride-share rules are a jumble and need to be streamlined. In the meantime, the rail link from the airport to downtown Manhattan will always be the fastest way to travel.

United and Delta Deal at Newark Airport Hit With Federal Lawsuit

The federal government should take control of the slot allocation at all New York area airports and put a few un-bribable people in charge of making decisions.

Probe Not Behind Departure Says Key Player in United’s Chairman’s Flight

There are many reasons for Fox to leave, but we don't believe being caught on both sides of a corruption scandal wasn't one of them.

United Chairman’s Flight Investigation Claims First Political Resignation

For every Newark passenger who has been forced to visit Terminals A and B and for every Amtrak rider who faces massive delays in and out of New York: We want to see a perp walk soon.

Records of United Airlines and Newark Meetings Redacted to Hide CEO’s Involvement

We will be interested to see how this plays out, both for Smisek, whose settlement depends on him avoiding a conviction, and the New Jersey officials who've participated in the Newark shenanigans.

United Airline’s New Jersey Political Drama Expands to Atlantic City

This drama involves all the parties that make transport a challenge in New York and New Jersey — United, Atlantic City, Newark, and the Christie administration. In a perfect world there would be Dreamliner's worth of indictments to go around.

Ex-Official Behind Infamous Chairman’s Flight Gets Support From New Jersey Governor

Loyalty is great. So is having friends who don't use public transportation infrastructure for their own benefit at the expense of everyone else and likely cost taxpayers millions in lost revenue.