Cleveland Tourism Cautiously Optimistic Midway Through Republican Convention

Destination Cleveland raised the bar on integrated web and social media content to promote the city to visiting delegates and convention planners around the globe.

Olympic Committee Promises Rio Is ‘Ready to Welcome the World’

Host cities tend to pull it together at the last minute, so that may happen here, too. But a lot has to go right for Rio to make the Olympics a success.

Brazil Says It’s Ready for Olympics Despite Zika and Body Parts on Beaches

Brazil longs for the glory days when people were worried it couldn't pull off the World Cup because a few stadium seats were wobbly. Oh, the glory days of event tourism.

Rio Gets a Financial Lifeline Just Weeks Before Olympics Begin

At this stage it looks as if Rio 2016 will be the "Heaven's Gate" of sporting events: long, drawn-out, and a financial disaster. It's yet another compelling argument that big events don't always mean smart tourism.

Brazil Loses Tourism Minister in Graft Scandal Only Weeks Before Olympics

Remember when we all thought the Brazil World Cup was going to be a disaster and it wasn't. Although we wish we could say we'll be wrong about the Olympics in the same way, Brazilian officials are making it really hard to be optimistic.

Transit Strikes Challenge Travel in France During Euro 2016

France's transit workers have worked hard this year at getting everyone to hate them. This slap in the face of locals and visitors is the cherry on top.

Not Content With Theme Parks, Orlando Wants to Be a Sports Destination Too

Orlando has plenty of hotel rooms to fill, so it's no surprise the city is looking for more ways to bring tourists. We still expect the city to be known for its theme parks above all, no matter how many NFL events it hosts.

Massive Labor Strikes Are About to Make Travel in France a Nightmare

It's just another early summer strike season in France: Making life terrible for locals, visitors, and — this year — Euro 2016 fans from around the world.

Moody’s Says That the Olympics Won’t Help Brazil’s Economy Much

Rare is the big event that makes money for the people who live in the destination where it takes place. To do so requires long-term thinking and tourism development rather than immediate gratification, which is a problem for many cities.

$2 Million Super Bowl Gain for San Francisco Makes Critics Wonder if the Game is Worth the Pain

Cities and entire regions are growing increasingly wary of the hoops they have to jump through in order to host the Super Bowl.