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How Currency Exchange Rates Will Affect U.S. and European Travel This Summer

It's probably too early to tell how the exchange rate will impact European travel to the U.S. as the summer season is the best barometer for that. But there's little question American travel to Europe will see big gains.

2 years ago

Greece expects record 17 million tourists to lead economic turnaround

Relaxed visa regulations, affluent visitors, and a boost of German tourists will provide Greece’s economy a much-needed boom this summer and pave the way to more efficient tourism marketing moving forward.

3 years ago

Global emerging markets are already defining the future of tourism

The continued deterioration of global economic powerhouses has left them vulnerable and seeking the boost provided by droves of tourists pouring out of China, Brazil, India, and Asia.

4 years ago

Athens Airport saw a 10 percent drop in passenger traffic in 2012

International passenger traffic dropped more steeply than domestic numbers as Greece’s largest industry took a hit to its sun soaked image amidst political and financial struggles.

4 years ago

Strikes across Southern Europe cripple transportation by air and rail

This isn't your annual summer strike of a few thousand rail workers. As discord spreads over banking policies and continued unemployment, widespread actions could easily become the new normal.

4 years ago

Tourist season in Spain ends and unemployment goes up

Spain's malaise will linger throughout the tourist offseason as service workers wait for the next influx of tourists in the late spring to find out if they'll have a job again.

4 years ago

Tourism industry in Greece would benefit from the country’s Eurozone exit

Despite the overall economic effects that a deflated drachma would have on Greece should it leave the Eurozone, plummeting prices would at least keep the country’s profitable tourism industry afloat.

4 years ago

Tourists face deja vu in Greece today as strikes shut down transportation

Just as tourists began booking European holidays again, strikes flare up in Greece, halting flights and ground transportation, as protestors take to the streets of Spain showing the world that crisis isn’t over yet.

4 years ago

Spanish rail services stopped as workers protest perceived salary cuts

Unfortunately, this could be the first news of many similar instances as the restructuring of the transport sector that workers believe will cut jobs and lower wages is still a year away.

4 years ago

Will the Euro crisis lead Catalonia to declare itself Europe’s newest nation?

It’s unlikely Catalonia will ever secede from Spain, although one benefit would be the rush of tourists looking to visit the world's newest country and sweet marketing materials the come from such a title.

4 years ago

Sharp decline in local tourism in Spain; tough summer ahead?

Much like everywhere else in Europe, no one knows what the heck's going on. Spain's huge tourism industry could taildive, or not. Meanwhile this confusion will surely hurt tourism dev efforts.

4 years ago