Articles tagged “environment”

More Nations Sign on to Plan to Regulate Airline Emissions

Airlines would likely much rather submit to a regime that focuses on carbon offsets than methods that would limit flights and impose restrictions on fuel.

4 weeks ago

Cruise Ship Sailing the Northwest Passage Is Sign of Extinction Tourism

A dubious first that should be a sign of worry, not of celebration.

1 month ago

Australian Officials Don’t Want Tourists to Know Great Barrier Reef Is at Risk

We are pretty certain that denying there is a problem is the worst way to make visitors happy about your destination.

5 months ago

Aviation Watchdog Seeks to Increase Carbon Offset Requirements for Airlines

We've never fully trusted any carbon offset program in the travel industry. There's just too little transparency.

6 months ago

Environmental Groups Sue the EPA for Not Enforcing Limits on Aircraft Pollution

This is a first step in combatting the negative environmental impact of airline greenhouse gas emissions. Ultimately, a global standard for emissions needs to be put in place and, hopefully, the new IATA CEO will be able to help get one established.

6 months ago

Latest Threat to Great Barrier Reef UNESCO Site Is Nature, Not Man

Australia's most sensitive tourist attraction has been under threat by energy companies and terrible politics the last few years. Now it's Mother Nature's turn.

8 months ago

UN Panel Calls for Emissions Limits on Passenger and Cargo Planes

Despite critics from both sides, the only reasonable way to deal with the destructive effects of plane travel are tighter standards on planes — we know carbon credits are no fix. Fares may need to go up, and consumers will have to deal with the realities of the environmental impact.

9 months ago

Skiing the Alps Gets Tougher as Climate Change Takes Its Toll

Leave it to global climate change to declines in one of the oldest touristic activities on the planet.

10 months ago

Landmark New York City Hotels Pledge to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions

As far as we've seen, the vast majority of hotel guests are ambivalent at best about their environmental impact. For hotels, a move like this needs to be because they think it's the right thing to do.

10 months ago

Travel Companies Are Reducing Carbon Output, But More Work Is Needed

Reduced pollution from travel companies is a good thing. But one has to to wonder about all the companies that are not self-reporting progress on carbon mitigation.

12 months ago

Diving Tourists Faced With Bleached Reefs at Maui’s Molokini Crater

What's the first tourist destination that will be totally ruined by global climate change? Our money is on the Maldives.

1 year ago

BP Settles Oil Spill Claims for Lost Tourism Dollars

BP is spreading the money around, part of an $18.7 billion settlement, to make all the sludge, and the ill will it engendered, disappear. The Gulf Coast and its tourism businesses recovered much faster than it was initially feared.

1 year ago