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The UN’s Aviation Arm Is Trying to Regulate Airline Emissions

With airlines already responsible for 2 percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, it is time for the industry take action to support the environment.

2 months ago

Germany Threatens to Penalize Countries Whose Airlines Don’t Comply with EU Emissions Rules

The EU and foreign airlines are coming to a head and one of the players, likely airlines, will end up bending to the others' will.

3 years ago

Global Pressure Forces European Union to Limit Emissions-Cutting Scheme

Threats of a trade war from the U.S. and China have caused the EU to scale back its proposal and soften the requirements on European airlines as well as international carriers. Even if an interim solution is reached, the rules of the game will likely change before a worldwide standard is enforced in 2020.

3 years ago

A Marketplace for Airline Emissions that China and the West May Agree On

It's not often that the U.S. and China team up to quash a European environmental initiative. But the U.S. doesn't like being told what do to, and China needs to have the same period of massively irresponsible industrial and commercial growth that Europe experienced in the last two centuries.

3 years ago

EU Nations Water Down Airline Emissions Rules to Gain Global Support

The international aviation community has been unable to agree on emissions rules for years, suggesting that any initiative that does get passed will not have nearly the impact needed to make a difference.

3 years ago

UN Assembly Proposes Emissions Rule That Exempts 84 Percent of Countries

Allowing such a large number of countries to essentially ignore the first round of carbon-cutting measures sets up a dangerous precedent for when an industry-wide standard is introduced in 2020. Critics may be addressing a critical policy weakness or just trying to buy time.

3 years ago

EU Concessions on Plane Emissions Avert Global Carbon Trade War

This decision is a tough blow for climate change but an even tougher one for the EU, which has been struggling to hold on to its diplomatic power on the international scene following hit after hit to its economic stability. It lost a bit more of that power today.

3 years ago

Global airlines bullish on higher profits, but emissions row threatens to derail it

3 years ago

European Union optimistic about global pact on aviation carbon emissions

Despite the optimism, getting a global agreement on carbon emissions for the aviation industry is a stubbornly tough endeavor, and it will take years to get the signatures.

3 years ago

U.S. Congress passes law to ban domestic airlines from complying with EU emissions rules

It didn't matter that the European Union had put the fees on hold. Congress acted to further remind the EU how un-welcome their carbon emissions penalties are in the U.S.

4 years ago

European Union stops emissions fees for foreign airlines flying in and out of Europe

The rule will put a temporary end to the voices of protest coming out of Washington, D.C. and Beijing, but European carriers will begin their own complaints that their competitive edge weakened by fees foreign rivals don't have to pay.

4 years ago

Saudi Arabia’s national airline refuses to comply with EU emissions scheme

The EU's attempt to clamp down on emissions has been roundly dismissed by non-EU nations. The remaining question everyone is asking: Will the near-universal rejection of these standards result in the UN acting on global standards?

4 years ago