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The Changing Face of Accelerators, the Travel Industry and Startup Opportunities

Artificial intelligence and messaging are the trends of the day that many startup accelerator programs are interested in but there is also plenty of opportunity for aviation-oriented startups, in particular, to swoop in and command the attention they deserve -- and airlines desperately need their help.

2 months ago

El Al Airlines Stock Rallies Despite Israel’s Tourism Slump

The 2013 Open Skies agreement with Europe didn't crush El Al and its stock price has soared based on diving oil prices and the strength of the shekel. The trends don't look so great, though, as tourism is slumping because of the spate of knifings and other political violence.

10 months ago

El Al’s Female Flight Attendants Say No Way to High Heel Requirement

We think El Al's female flight attendants should have to wear heels when its male crew have to wear leather chaps and speedos.

1 year ago

Ryanair CEO Sees Israel as Hub for Expansion

Israeli authorities may not go along with Ryanair's plans because it sees Ryanair as a competitive threat to an already struggling El Al.

2 years ago

El Al to Launch In-Flight Wi-Fi on Select European Routes Within One Year

ViaSat claims it has the fastest in-flight Wi-Fi available and raising the standard for service in European skies will effectively force other carriers to speed up their service. The El Al deal is one way for ViaSat to kickstart market penetration outside of the U.S.

3 years ago

European Low-Cost Carriers Are Looking To Israel For Further Growth

With increasing competition from low cost carriers, El Al will have to up its game. Israel's flag carrier just brought in a new CEO, and it has so far not emitted any signals that it is up to the long-term challenge.

3 years ago

Israeli Aviation Security Expert Calls TSA’s Behavioral Detection Skills ‘Worthless’

As part of El Al's techniques, employees ask passengers a flurry of seemingly random questions before they get to the ticket counter, looking for holes in their stories or deception. If trained properly, U.S. airlines would do well in emulating the practice for security's sake.

3 years ago

El Al Airlines pegs quarterly loss on rising competition and conflict

Politics are keeping El Al out of the three major alliances; a bias the airline says keeps it from competing with European carriers. What El Al needs is an alliance similar to the Qatar-Emirates tie-up.

3 years ago

The reasons El Al won’t be part of a global airlines alliance anytime soon

Given new chess moves such as Emirates' new relationship with Qantas, some would argue that the importance of global airline alliances are diminishing. El Al's best options, however, remain with the global alliances, but they are turning a deaf ear.

3 years ago

El Al resumes operations after reaching government deal on security

This deal, if it holds up, looks like a win-win for El Al and travelers. El Al will face intense competition, but at least the government will foot the bill for its substantial security costs. And travelers flying in and out of Israel should benefit from more choice in carriers and lower fares.

4 years ago

Thousands are stuck in Israel as airlines plan third day of strikes

An increase in flights would benefit Israel’s entire tourism industry, including Israeli airlines should the country jump in global prominence as it becomes easier and cheaper to visit.

4 years ago

El Al gets new investor which demands “many changes”

El Al has been piling up losses and faces a very tough competitive environment. The FIMI investment is subject to renegotiation of employee contracts and portends a tumultuous period for the airline.

4 years ago