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Fathom Adds More Cuba Sailings, Cuts Back on Dominican Republic

The concept of a cruise to Cuba — even one without typical beach-day shore excursions — is easier to communicate than a social impact trip to the Dominican Republic. Even though voluntourism was the original goal of Fathom, we're not surprised that the cruise line is making the business decision to cater to the highest demand.

2 months ago

CEO Interview: Fathom Is Developing a Brand for Cruisers Who Want to Travel Deep

Fathom is a unique product in the cruise space with the backing of cruising's biggest player. It's also just one ship among hundreds in the global cruise industry. With time, and more marketing, it shouldn't be hard for them to find the 600 cruisers each week to fill the MV Adonia.

5 months ago

Carnival’s Fathom Brand Faces Challenges Because It Isn’t a Party Boat

Fathom's cruise product is incredibly different than what cruisers are used to. This is a challenge for the brand as it looks for customers willing to try something new.

5 months ago

Dominican Republic’s Economy Is Expanding, Thanks to Tourism

2016 has a challenge ahead if Zika fears are calmed.

8 months ago

Carnival’s New Sailings to Cuba Could Include Several Port Calls on the Island

Carnival's sailings next year to Cuba would signify a whole new era in U.S. travel to the once-outcast island.

1 year ago

Dominican Republic Tourism Boycott Called For By Prominent Authors Over Migrant Deportations

None of the resorts and hotels want to see the deportations happen considering, among other things, that French-speaking Dominicans of Haitian descent are an essential part of a staff serving international visitors. And while boycotts hurt the people on the lowest end of the labor chain, they're often one of the few things to get leaders' attention.

1 year ago

Caribbean Islands Face Terrible Drought This Summer

You know it's bad when Caribbean leaders are hoping for hurricanes and asking hotel guests to ease up on waters usage.

1 year ago

The Dominican Republic Resort Behind the Fall of a U.S. Senator

It's hard to say 'no' to sunshine and beaches, but sometimes paying for them is the wiser path.

2 years ago

The Caribbean Reports Record Number of Tourists and Spending in 2014

Expect 2015 and 2016 to see new travel patterns as cruise ships refocus some efforts and Cuba's opening causes ripple effects.

2 years ago

The Dominican Republic Is Worried Cuba Thawing Will Be Bad for Its Business

We'd love to see the DR improve its tourism game in the face of a new regional rivalry. Let's hope it tries to compete on services and offerings, not price.

2 years ago

Spike in Dominican Republic Tourism Leads to Credit Rating Upgrade

Let's hope the DR's success will catch on with other Caribbean economies.

2 years ago

Cosmetic Surgery Tourism to the Dominican Republic Rises, So Do Complications

For consumers it can be difficult to sort through the marketing messages to discover which medical tourism destinations are legit, and which will put you in harm's way.

3 years ago