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United Airlines Is Improving But Now It Needs to Deliver

United has engendered a lot of goodwill because of the hirings of Oscar Munoz as CEO and later Scott Kirby as president but investors are impatient to see better bottom-line performance.

1 week ago

Cheap Airfares are About to Vanish as U.S. Airlines Tighten Capacity

Airfares don't feel particularly cheap -- anecdotally speaking -- but things can always get worse (from a consumer perspective). Next week will punctuate where airfares are heading as United and American report their third quarter results.

2 weeks ago

Delta Slows Capacity Growth and Exceeds Q3 Profit Estimates

Delta wants to keep as much control over fares as it can. Its answer? Limit the growth of capacity. We'll see in the next couple of weeks to what degree its competitors follow suit.

2 weeks ago

Airlines Ask DOT for Permission to Collude Over a Debt Collection

This is a highly unusual request for U.S. carriers to seek a reprieve from antitrust immunity from the Department of Transportation so they can figure out how to be more powerful debt collectors in Venezuela. It shouldn't cause too many antitrust concerns although it's difficult to see how the group effort to pressure Venezuela would do much good.

3 weeks ago

JetBlue Braces for Battle With Delta on Atlanta-Boston Route

JetBlue is returning to Atlanta after exiting the Delta hub in 2003 and likewise Delta doesn't want to play nice with JetBlue in its focus-city, Boston. Let the games begin -- or continue.

2 months ago

In the Battle for Seattle Flyers, Delta Is Practically Giving Away Elite Status

Delta is once more doubling down in its campaign to woo Seattle customers.

2 months ago

Kinder, Gentler Airlines Bring Back Free Snacks and Entertainment

When it comes to onboard perks, little things mean a lot. Free snacks -- and perish the thought, free meals -- plus in-flight entertainment without charge will go a long way toward engendering loyalty from passengers at the back of the plane. Smart moves by the airlines involved.

2 months ago

United Flight Attendants’ Contract Could Help the Airline Advance — Skift Business Traveler

The new flight attendants' contract at United, coupled with other steps CEO Oscar Munoz is taking, could finally enable United to make up some serious ground against its competitors.

2 months ago

Southwest Outage Price Tag Estimated at $54 Million

Low-cost carrier Southwest will see its cost per seat mile rise about 2 percent in the third quarter because of a bum router that blew. Ironic that a router led to so much havoc with the carrier's route map and schedules. Delta, which experienced an unrelated meltdown this week, will take a little longer to estimate the financial impact.

2 months ago

Delta CEO Says Outage Occurred Despite Big Technology Investments

Delta replaced its chief information officer in February because the board wasn't satisfied with the airline's technology performance. Undoubtedly, after this week's global grounding, there is a helluva lot of additional soul-searching to be done.

3 months ago

Airlines See Pajama Styles as Competitive Advantage for Premium Passengers

Airline competition is evolving from lounges to loungewear in the front of the plane. Hey, if they have lie-flat seats on long-haul flights, then frequent flyers might as well walk the aisles and sleep in style.

3 months ago

Delta Grounds Planes Worldwide Because of a Computer Malfunction

Delta's apparent IT problems came on the heels of a major grounding of Southwest's flights last month. This could screw up schedules for the airline for days.

3 months ago