Delta’s Big Role in LaGuardia Airport Revamp May Lead to Flight Rule Changes

Delta clearly wants to change the "perimeter rule" so it can get access to Los Angeles from LaGuardia. The airline's huge investment in the LaGuardia revamp could go a long way to getting those changes.

NTSB Probes Delta Flight That Landed at Wrong Airport

Pilots landing flights at the wrong airport happens more often that you'd think -- or be comfortable with.

U.S. Airlines Match JetBlue Fare Hike as Carriers Try To Reverse Revenue Per Seat Drop

RASM, or revenue per available seat mile, is in the "doldrums," according to one analyst, and U.S. airlines are hiking fares in time for the summer travel season to reverse that depression.

Delta CEO Is Trying to Figure Out How to Attract Millennials

Delta wants to shed its stodgy, business traveler-oriented reputation because it knows hoped-for throngs of millennials in the back of the plane are an audience it can't ignore. A little more legroom would be a nice start.

Qatar CEO Blasts ‘Wicked’ Delta Actions for Ruining First Atlanta Flight

This is not a shining moment for Delta as it killed its sponsorship of a hometown Atlanta theater for hosting a Qatar event and now is accused of obstructing Qatar's maiden Atlanta flight, although Delta denies it.

Delta Is Trying to Innovate Faster Security Lanes for the TSA

Delta's doing the right thing by pushing innovation at the security checkpoint -- the TSA just has to run with it.

Delta Doubles Down on Gogo Wifi — Skift Business Traveler

Delta Air Lines upped its relationship with Gogo Wi-Fi, a resounding win for Gogo and its 2Ku satellite-based technology, which promises the end of the era of glacial inflight Internet.

Southwest Lowers Fares While Delta Raises Some, For Now

Airlines' practice of matching or occasionally not matching competitors' fares is a contact sport. Virgin America's David Cush thinks carriers would be better-served competition on product where practical. It would be an uphill fight.

Delta Drops Fee For Tickets Bought at Airports and Over The Phone

Delta gets a few brownie points for less hate-selling. That's beside the fact that about 20 percent of the U.S. population still doesn't use the Internet.