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Airbnb CTO and 3 Tech CEOs Discuss the Digital Platform Economy at Davos

This mashup of leaders in travel, media, commerce, and IT represents the cross-industry synergies fueling the rise of the digital platform economy. It also represents the growing link between smart city development and tourism, which is going to explode in 2016.

9 months ago

The Ski Instructors One Swiss Town Uses to Lure Chinese Visitors

This is a smart and rather cheap way to help people fee comfortable in their surroundings.

3 years ago

No Davos Olympics, as Swiss voters reject 2022 bid

For now Davos and St Moritz would have to be content with being the playground of rich and famous, not famous and sporty.

4 years ago

Davos and St. Moritz mull 2022 Winter Olympics bid, but locals aren’t charmed

Does Switzerland really want to follow Russia on anything? That, and the cost of the project and visitor influx weighed against the very nice status quo, is the question residents are asking. And it's quite easy to say "no."

4 years ago