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Can Czechs Rethink the Tourism App Where Others Have Failed?

Since this is one of the first examples of a business-focused destination app, it's too soon to say how useful it will prove to the country's tourism efforts. But it seem worthwhile to design an app to get some concrete and practical information into the hands of potential partners.

1 year ago

Europe’s New Capital of Culture Is Also the Czech Capital of Beer

We look forward to engaging in deep cultural discovery, Plzen-style.

2 years ago

Czech Carrier Blames Ukraine Crisis for Impending Pilot and Crew Firings

While the unrest in the Ukraine isn't helping matters, CSA has issues the precede Russia's meddling in the region.

2 years ago

Best Travel Ads This Week: Celebrating Travelers’ Quirks

These travel ads succeed by showing, rather than telling, viewers their ultimate message.

2 years ago

Best Travel Ads This Week: Language of Romance to Unbound Maple Leaf

3 years ago

Eastern Europe’s airlines fall one by one: Financial mismanagement and nationalist hubris

The collapse of airlines and the inability for old-line European carriers to pick up slack will lead to inroads in the region by Turkish Air, which will only improve the Anatolian carrier's position in Europe.

4 years ago

Prague Airport renames itself in honor of a late president with a global view

How much longer until San Francisco International Airport renames itself the Steve Jobs Airport?

4 years ago

The Czech Republic really wants you to “like” its new ad campaign

You want logos and mottos to have staying power for more than a year or two; you want "I Love New York," not "Canada: Keep Exploring." At least Czech Republic hitched its wagon to Facebook rather than MySpace.

4 years ago