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How Couchsurfing Plans to Take Back Its Corner of the Sharing Economy

Couchsurfing sobered up only to realize it was the last drunk backpacker left at the party and the rest of its friends had gone home to make money and travel in a more sophisticated fashion. Can it keep true to its beliefs to grow up without giving in?

2 years ago

New Skift Trends Report: What the Sharing Economy Means to the Future of Travel

3 years ago

Has CouchSurfing become a victim of its own success?

The Airbnb precursor angered many long-term users when it turned for-profit and did a massive overhaul of its website. Now it's figuring out if millions of users can all agree what sharing looks like when there's big money at stake.

3 years ago

Couchsurfing nearly doubles its community but risks losing loyal users in rebranding

Couchsurfing offers travelers somethingnone of its competitors can match: free housing abroad. The organization will have to be careful not to ostracize loyal users on its journey for a fresh look.

4 years ago

Whose responsibility is it to protect women who travel through CouchSurfing.com?

It’s a question that causes friction in social travel sites all the way to up to the Peace Corps, but organizations’ past actions suggest that it is up to individuals’ discernment to stay out of harm’s way.

4 years ago

Investors bet $15 million more on CouchSurfing’s sharing economy

If Airbnb- and CouchSurfing-type accommodations cause concern about their legalities and risks, these issues are not dissuading important investors.

4 years ago

Couchsurfing to expand beyond rabid userbase; likely take on Airbnb

Couchsufing, now that it has taken on new funding & gone through its management changes, wants to become more reliable on booking, beyond its rabid-community-of-travelers approach.

4 years ago