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Costa Rica Balances Happiness of Its Residents With That of Planet Earth

But is the country being transparent enough in its marketing messages to really convey what "ecotourism" really is, or just how sustainable Costa Rica really is for travelers, locals, and indigenous flora and fauna alike?

2 months ago

Costa Rica Tourism Enlists Singing Animals to Lure Overworked Americans

This video got all of us laughing, two thumbs up to Costa Rica for raising awareness in a funny way.

2 years ago

Bahamas, Barbados Lose Spots on 2015 Best Ethical Travel Destinations List

There is plenty of room for debate over Ethical Traveler's choices and methodologies, but this is a useful list for travelers sensitive to use as a measuring stick to make their own choices.

2 years ago

Costa Rican Travel Companies Add Country’s Brand to Marketing Materials

Broader use of the country brand is good for companies that can promote the official stamp and Costa Rica, which can further brand itself as an eco-friendly destination.

2 years ago

Costa Rica to See New International Routes and New Airlines This Year

The more easy routes into Costa Rica from the U.S. and Latin America, the better.

2 years ago

Controversial Documentary About Costa Rica Tourism Gets Second Chance

Usually we'd be against someone rewriting a story to make others happy, but in this case it appears it will allow the story to reach a wider audience that may make the proper changes.

2 years ago

Costa Rica Gets Dropped from Ethical Travel List as Country’s Brand Takes a Hit

Costa Rica's communications minister responded to the country's exclusion from the 2014 list of top destinations for ethical travel by seeking to spread the blame elsewhere. He's obviously a politician, and isn't doing the the country's global brand any favors.

3 years ago

Costa Rica’s Oldest City Reopens to Tourists

Taking time to periodically restore and retouch history's oldest artifacts is a risk more countries have to take in order to protect sites from human destruction, an unfortunate side effect of tourism.

3 years ago

Best Travel Ads This Week: Companies Stick with Campaigns That Work

3 years ago

Costa Rica relies on U.S. military for prime position in Latin American tourism

The U.S. is trying to help Costa Rica keep its drug problem under control, but there's something about foxes and hen houses here that, despite best intentions, doesn't fortel a successful endeavour.

4 years ago

Forget eco-escapes, Costa Rica’s next vacation frontier is medical tourism

While the coverage that goes with "Obamacare" may keep some potential visitors in the U.S., incentives offered by U.S. insurance companies to seek cheaper treatment abroad may pick up the slack.

4 years ago

Costa Rican resort dresses up natural springs with spa services

There are tourists who want to enjoy their nature pure and preserved and those who prefer their volcanic springs with a piƱa colada on the side.

4 years ago