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Atlantic City Getting a Lifeline From Anime and Fan Conventions

Atlantic City has the infrastructure for massive meetings, it just has a culture that likely can't make the necessary pivots to move into the future.

10 months ago

Why Convention Bureaus Are Marketing Their Local Industry and Intellectual Capital

In an increasingly competitive market with a lot of quality product and emerging destinations, European convention bureaus are tapping their local knowledge economies to drive new business.

1 year ago

Las Vegas Tourism Numbers Drop in March, Thanks to Convention Business

Vegas isn't used to numbers like this in recent years.

1 year ago

Smart Conventions and Meetings Are Redefining Face-to-Face Events

The convention of the future is a co-created hybrid mechanism of live and virtual engagement, fluidly connecting more people through more channels over longer periods of time to leverage the collective knowledge of the community.

2 years ago

New Skift Trends Report: The Future of Conventions

Understand the current state of conventions, what organizations are doing to improve and innovate them, and what the future brings for these large meetings and events. Get the report.

2 years ago

How Technology Is Upending the Meetings Industry

Hotels, tourism bureaus, meeting planners and delegates are having challenges keeping up with advances in event technology due to so many new platforms and providers arriving on the scene.

2 years ago

Rival Hotel Chains Respond to Marriott’s Wi-Fi Blocking Practices

These hotel brands purport that they do not block guests' or meeting attendees' personal Wi-Fi networks, but many do require that guests are a part of their loyalty program in order to exchange email addresses for free service.

2 years ago

Tampa to Spend $15 Million to Modernize 25-Year-Old Convention Center

Tampa Convention Center is competing with much newer and, more importantly, technologically advanced spaces. Without improvements, it would quickly lose all business prospects.

2 years ago

Miami Drops Out of Race to Host 2016 Democratic National Convention

Hosting national and global events and competition do attract visitors and create business, but they also include consider planning and costs that fewer and fewer destinations are willing to invest.

2 years ago

The Meetings Industry Uses Wellness As a Differentiator

There's no longer a one-size-fits-all method to meetings. Smart hotels are looking to new ideas -- even if they're very old ideas like yoga -- to offer better options for planners and guests.

3 years ago

New Skift Trends Report: The Future of Meetings in Hospitality

Hospitality brands responded to the threat to the meetings industry by innovating and ditching the one-size-fits all approach. Find out where things are headed next.

3 years ago

Salt Lake City Mayor Fights Lawmakers in Order to Build Convention Hotel

Local lawmakers are hesitant to provide a tax subsidiary for a downtown hotel that would ultimately pull revenues from existing options; however, the mayor insists the hotel is critical to keeping and attracting large expos and meetings.

3 years ago