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Behind Every Meeting Is a Planning Hero

12 months ago

Megatrend For 2015: The Events Industry Is Going Through a Creative Renaissance

The event of the future is a co-created hybrid mechanism of live and virtual engagement, fluidly connecting more people through more channels over longer periods of time to leverage the collective knowledge of the community.

2 years ago

New Skift Trends Report: The Future of Conventions

Understand the current state of conventions, what organizations are doing to improve and innovate them, and what the future brings for these large meetings and events. Get the report.

2 years ago

How Blackstone Ignored Consensus and Kept Investing in Hotels

Blackstone had the resources and stomach to stick with its instincts, relying on data, and bought up distressed properties to great advantage during the recession. It is not a company to bet against.

2 years ago

Austin Hotel Rooms Go For $1,000 Per Night During South by Southwest

It's nice to be a hotelier in Austin during the South by Southwest conference. In this context, last-minute bookings aren't much of an option.

3 years ago

The Evolution of What Once Was the World’s Coolest Conference

Fast Company's extensive historical overview of SXSW Interactive provides a story arc from the birth of 21st century multimedia to Zooey Deschanel.

3 years ago

The World’s Biggest Amusement Park Conference Was This Week in Orlando

For an industry that is not often talked about in the larger travel landscape, this was a massive conference with millions of dollars spent on deals.

3 years ago

Tourism Leaders Conduct Nairobi Conference With Mall Operation Ongoing

Kudos to the hotel chains and other tourism leaders for going ahead with the investment conference despite the tumult in Nairobi. If, as they say, doing in business in Africa is all about personal relationships, then attendance will go a long way toward making relationships even closer.

3 years ago

Hotel price-fixing lawsuit adds EyeForTravel, Hyatt and Wyndham as defendants

We'd be surprised if the allegations against EyeForTravel stick. Dragging an industry conference into the mix with the unsupported implication that vast conspiracies were furthered seems a bit of a stretch.

3 years ago

Dubai needs more conference space to keep up with hotel room boom

Many U.S. cities build conference spaces in what become failed bids to lure events, but Dubai has the rooms, the air connections, and the mojo once again that building more space makes sense.

4 years ago