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Concur Buys Hipmunk to Bring Consumer Tools to Its Business Travelers

Six years after brashly boasting about how it would disrupt travel search, Hipmunk, which had to compete against larger players with more ample war chests, is exiting into the business travel portfolio of Concur. Hipmunk's turn toward business travel may make it more of a business-to-business play than its current consumer incarnation. As Concur's TripIt example shows, it remains to be seen how innovative Hipmunk can be given larger corporate priorities within SAP/Concur.

1 month ago

Two Years Later Uber and Concur Expand Corporate Travel Integration

Anyone doubting the complexities of corporate travel should know that it took two years for Uber and Concur to get to this stage.

3 months ago

Concur Hopes Its Taxi Ads Will Attract Business Travelers and Their CFOs

Concur's ongoing advertising campaign show how eager the company is to get its products in front of potential customers.

5 months ago

CEO Interview: The 15-Year-Old Corporate Travel Company That Wants to Be a Startup

Deem will try to become more relevant by reducing its product offerings and adopting a more focused approach to developing travel solutions. But in an extremely crowded marketplace, it may be a case of too little, too late.

5 months ago

Four Charts on the Cost of Last-Minute Travel Booking

The amount of data available to travel managers is growing. They just need to know how best to use those numbers to help them make the best choices for their travelers and companies.

7 months ago

Uber Is Now Easier for Business Travelers to Expense

Uber's integration into the habits of business travelers continues to move forward.

8 months ago

SAP Invests in Travel Startups Through Concur’s Perfect Trip Fund

Concur's travel and expense offerings are a high-profile element of SAP's portfolio rather than blending into oblivion. SAP has not shut down Concur's Perfect Trip Fund and continues to invest in travel startups.

9 months ago

Top Business Travel Concerns: Sharing Economy Growth, New Airline Surcharges

The rise of the sharing economy is a trend in business travel that won't get put easily back in the bottle, although it isn't for everyone. On the other hand, it is possible that Lufthansa's battle with the business travel community could get recorked and disposed with.

1 year ago

Airbnb Makes a Big Corporate Travel Push Through New Travel Management Tools

The change is coming as corporations adapt to the sharing economy and the wants of their business travelers. Airbnb's billing system and dashboard is a modest toe dip into business travel and undoubtedly there will be more rigorous solutions in the future.

1 year ago

The Future of Wearables for Business Travel: Do They Fit In?

The convergence of mobile payments and wearable technology could well rewrite the way brands think about shaping travel experiences. And in business travel, the use case for alpha travelers is even more directly relevant.

2 years ago

Reimagining the Airport Lounge Booking Experience via a Smartphone App

A smart move by LoungeBuddy to partner with a platform business travelers already use, and to create a system that's easy for staff to use so congestion can be prevented.

2 years ago

Most Expensed Business Travel Day of the Year Will Be December 15

Mobile is making its mark on travel expense submissions as an increasing number of road warriors snap photos of their receipts and submit them through online tools.

2 years ago