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Destination Hotels and Commune Hotels Debut a New Name

As we've noted before, while this merger makes sense for a lot of reasons, it's a shame that the Commune Hotels brand is going away, especially since its branding has become so synonymous with leading design hotel development over the past few years.

5 hours ago

New Micro Brand Arlo Hotels To Battle Macro Trends and Established NYC Competitors

Kudos to Pavlov and Schumer for trying to start their own hotel brand in one of the toughest markets in the country. Whether the micro-hotel trend has staying power beyond New York and other cramped cities, however, is still a question mark. Standing out as a new brand will be a challenge, especially in a hospitality market already inundated with a multitude of brands, many with the same design concepts and aesthetics as Arlo.

2 months ago

Creating Next-Generation Hotel Operations With Messaging Technology

Messaging stands to be a two-way, lasting conversation based on guest data, and we expect more and more outreach opportunities to emerge.

7 months ago

Interview: Commune and Destination Hotels CEOs Explain Their Merger

Commune Hotels' CEO Niki Leondakis could be just the person to shift the lifestyle hospitality discussion beyond the tired "independent spirit" narrative to a more modern focus on personalized, mobile-first, on-demand experiences.

8 months ago

Commune Hotels & Resorts and Destination Hotels Set to Merge

Consolidation fever in the hospitality industry is trickling down in the boutique hotel space.

8 months ago

Commune Hotels Introduces Personalized Guest Communication Service

11 months ago

Interview: Commune Hotels CEO on New Lifestyle Properties’ Creative Challenges

Thompson Hotel's second Mexico location carves out a unique niche in the resort-ridden Riviera Maya.

1 year ago

Hyatt Heir Teams Up With Chinese Auto Giant to Invest $1 Billion in Hotels

Pritzker, like other wise investors, is buying hotel real estate while brands shed it. There's likely a lesson in here.

1 year ago