Singapore Airlines and JetBlue Airways to Launch Codeshare Operations

JetBlue's use of partners to expand its networks is wise, but will it be enough to convince others that it really wants to go it alone?

JetBlue Announces Expanded Partnership with JAL on U.S. Domestic Routes

Look for more airlines to turn to codeshares with JetBlue as they seek alternatives to the American Airlines behemoth.

JetBlue and Etihad Sign Codeshare Agreement

Etihad passengers who are looking for trips to Fort Lauderdale and other JetBlue cities will now find it much easier to make the connection, and the converse is true for JetBlue passengers, as well. In tandem with JetBlue's existing codeshare with Emirates, the New York-based carrier is branching out in the Middle East and elsewhere.

American Airlines and US Airways To Begin Select Codeshares

American Airlines and US Airways are proceeding apace with the merger integration. The two carriers dreamed of days like this a few months ago when the Justice Department's antitrust suit threw the whole thing into doubt.

Etihad Adds Another Codeshare, This Time Aegean Airlines in Greece

Etihad's work creating a network that runs deeper than most alliances is not easy to recreate, even when you do have pockets' as deep as Etihad's. non-alliance joining makes sense

Codeshare Rules Leave Girl Stranded, Airline Apologizes

Codeshares are ever-more popular and they sound wonderful, but they have to work for passengers, many of whom are unaware of which airline they are actually flying. When an airline's own employees don't understand how unaccompanied minor rules apply to a codeshare, how is a passenger supposed to figure it all out?

United, American and Delta Executives Agree: Airline Mergers Are ‘Beautiful’

Airline consolidation is getting disruptive these days -- and not just for stressed out passengers. New global joint ventures such as Virgin Atlantic-Delta and Emirates-Qantas are shaking up the status quo, and will be increasingly challenging to global airline alliances.

Are codeshares getting out of hand? DOT cracks down on travel agent practices

The DOT is taking a tougher enforcement tack on travel agents' codeshare disclosure violations just as there is a changing of the guard looming at the top of the department. Coincidence? We doubt it. But, making codeshares more transparent is long overdue.

Etihad picks up its 43rd codeshare partner: Serbian carrier JAT

The JAT partnership is the quintessential move from Etihad; the Gulf carrier snaps ups pieces of struggling airlines to expand its reach while avoiding formal alliances, to the benefit of both airlines.