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Grand Cayman Bemoans St. Lucia’s Tourism Gains

Airlines are kingmakers or heartbreakers when it comes to Caribbean tourism, and Grand Cayman is feeling the effects of a loss of direct flights from Philadelphia, San Juan, Dallas/Fort Worth and Atlanta.

3 years ago

Tourists are wrecking stingrays’ eating, sleeping, and mating habits

Tourism actually plays a large part in protecting wildlife species, but tour providers must work towards a sustainable relationship in which animals’ livelihoods and habitats are conserved.

3 years ago

Cayman Islands sea turtle tourist trap is, surprise, not so good to turtles

The desire to get up close and personal with wildlife often results in bizarre encounters like this where visitors pose with the creatures, toss them back in the holding pens, then go eat one of their cousins in a nearby cafeteria.

4 years ago