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Frugal Travelers Turn to Business Class Fares to Earn Elite Status

Business class fares are becoming so reasonable that it often makes sense to book the tickets for the mileage bonuses. In many cases, elite status can be earned with one single flight.

1 week ago

La Compagnie Blames Brexit for London Route Suspension

Brexit is a fig leaf that can be used to cover up pretty much anything. Would the carrier be halting the service if it had been a runaway success?

2 months ago

Delta’s New Business Class Suites Put It Ahead of Its Competitors, Again

Many airlines spin new products as industry-leading. But this is the real deal. Delta's new suite looks about as good as business class can get.

2 months ago

As Losses Mount, Air Berlin Will Focus on Business Travelers

Air Berlin, which has long struggled with how to position itself in the marketplace, will now try to attract European business travelers. Will this help it improve its financial position?

3 months ago

How United Airlines Is Turning Value Flyers Into First-Class Customers

Can we now say that the radical evolution of loyalty and premium upgrade is nearly complete?

3 months ago

Hawaiian Airlines’ Snazzy Flatbed Seats Reveal Its Big Ambitions

Hawaiian Airlines is introducing new business class seats. But if you live in the mainland United States, you may not see a lot of them.

4 months ago

The Unexpected Micro-Revolution Behind United Airlines’ New Business Class Seat

Design firm Acumen did something no one thought possible. It created a high-density, direct-aisle access business class cabin for United Airlines. Will passengers like it? We'll find out early next year.

4 months ago

Cheaper Premium Cabins on the Horizon as Delta Cuts Back on Upgrades

Fewer upgrades are on the horizon, but that may mean more discount premium fares.

8 months ago

The New Business Class Seating Concept That Does So Much More With Less

Given their cost-reductions and revenue benefits, we expect more nested seats in the air soon.

1 year ago

Virgin Australia’s New Business Class Challenges Regional Rivals

The most creative work in cabins is taking place in business class.

2 years ago

Three-Class Planes Are an Unnecessary Luxury in Air Travel Today

Three-class cabins only make sense on airline's most lucrative and trafficked routes where a broad variety of customers actually fill up all sections. On all other routes, two cabins allow airlines to differentiate services with added operation costs.

2 years ago

Analysts Question Whether JetBlue’s Business Class Will Make a Difference

JetBlue's new Mint business class service isn't only an exercise in numbers-crunching, but is a first volley in changing the airline's identity.

2 years ago