Boeing Suggests it May Not Produce the 747 Forever

It's no secret that Boeing has been having a tough time selling 747s. But for how long will the company keep trying?

After Writedowns, Boeing Reports First Quarterly Loss Since 2009

Despite the quarterly loss, Boeing is doing fine. But with airlines starting to slow orders for new planes, will future Boeing earnings look worse?

As Global Demand Slows, Airlines Defer Widebody Jet Orders

Airlines tend to follow each other, so expect more carriers to defer orders for big jets in the near future.

Global Airlines Flirt with Adding Chinese and Russian-made Jets

Russian and Chinese manufacturers have not yet produced airplanes that rival Boeing or Airbus in quality. But over time, because of considerable government funding, that could change.

Boeing’s Big Sale to Iran Has Turned Political Already

Boeing has factories spread across the U.S. in a manner that transcends party politics. This deal will go through.

Jumbo Jets Facing Demise With Stretched-Out Boeing 777

With oil prices at relatively depressed levels, Airbus will do its best to ensure that jumbo jets hang in there but over the long term more fuel-efficient aircraft should rule the day for sustainability's sake.

For Boeing, an Historic, Albeit Politically Turbulent Deal with Iran Air

One example of the many ways in which politics and the business of travel intersect. Another big question we have to ask: Where is that $25 billion coming from?

Iran Air Signs an Agreement With Boeing That Has Several Strings Attached

Getting two countries back on the right footing with each other often starts in the travel industry. The more access and routes travelers have to Iran, the quicker the situation can start slowly improving.

A Russian Firm’s Anticipated $4 Billion Order May Keep the Boeing 747 Alive

The deal — if it goes through — would come at a key time for Boeing as demand for the four-engine jumbo jet falls off.

Iran May Buy 100 Planes From Boeing in First Big Post-Nuke Deal Sale

$25 billion in sales could certainly sway politicians in Boeing cities to drop opposition to the Iran deals. At least Boeing hopes so.