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South African Airways is Latest Airline to Fly a Route Using Biofuels

Nothing about an airplane is sustainable, so we're all for airlines testing biofuels to become more eco-friendly. But in many cases biofuels aren't any cheaper than gasoline, and especially with South African Airway's current state of affairs we'd be surprised to see it meet its biofuels goal by 2022.

3 months ago

United Airlines Investing $30 Million in Biofuels Maker

Delta already owns a refinery and now United is investing a lot of money in a biofuels producer in a sign that airlines are trying to increase their control over one of their highest fixed costs.

1 year ago

Cruise industry says clean fuel rules will increase passenger costs and impact itineraries

Any major shift in an industry is expected to encounter resistance and cruise companies are bemoaning the regulations that will increase costs and limit the destinations where ships can refuel.

4 years ago

JetBlue’s founder says he’s on a mission to lower fuel costs

David Neeleman is turning to the time-tested tradition of offering a monetary incentive to the first innovators to turn natural gas into jet fuel for half the cost of the current process at $80 per barrel.

4 years ago

New fuel additive “Bunker Green” helps make cruise lines sail greener

This new fuel mixture created with a simple by-product of soup could have a huge impact on the way future cruise ships fuel up as it helps remove sulfur and reduce soot emissions by 15 percent.

4 years ago

United Airlines joins three other airlines in support of sustainable biofuels

This group of airlines is working towards the commercialization of aviation biofuels, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10%, but it will need government support to offset costs of this expensive alternative.

4 years ago