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Starwood’s temporary move to Dubai produces handful of new contracts

Starwood's rivals said its Dubai move was a gimmick, but the gimmick has concrete results, especially for its Le Meredien brand.


Despite Lebanon’s security and stability, its drooping hotel numbers tell a sad story for 2012

The numbers are up slightly from the complete doldrums of August, but they continue to reflect the unease many visitors have visiting event the safe destinations in a region full of uprisings.


Lebanon has been safe in the face of regional unrest, but tourism still suffers

Despite a history of violence that is more seasonal than rational, Lebanon has kept itself out of the last two years of regional conflict and Beirut has flourished for the first time in three decades. Now if they could only get people to visit.


Lebanon tourism ministry irked with Homeland’s portrayal of Beirut; considers suing

While some criticism is justified and nothing will happen with these protests against portrayal, case of bad timing as well, after today's big bomb blast in Beirut.


Beirut’s hotel numbers are bad no matter what Ernst & Young says

For once unrest in the region hasn't spilled over to fighting in Beirut, but it seems that even good news like higher hotel occupancy isn't actually correct. What does the city have to do to catch a break?


Amidst growing visitor numbers, Beirut struggles to make sense of its public spaces

Much of the focus on Beirut has dealt with its relative stability, especially considering its recent history. Now the debate needs to move on how to get it functioning like the world-class city it once was, and that means better urban planning.


Lebanon looks to the water and outside the Middle East for visitors

Even though tourism numbers are down slightly from 2011, Beirut and Lebanon have done well considering the the state of its neighbors and the persistent worry that conflict will spill over the borders.


Head of Middle East Airlines stays bold despite Beirut’s regional challenges

You really have to give it to an CEO who, despite recent losses related to warfare in Syria, continues to push for the expansion and success of his airline.


Lebanon’s neighbors now plan to avoid travel to the country

As Beirut was just beginning to flower again the ongoing unrest in Syria may likely spill over into Lebanon, where the Assad regime has spent decades meddling in Lebanese affairs.


Why Beirut is the hot new destination on global travelers’ agendas

Beirut has managed to stay relatively conflict-free long enough to become a destination reminiscent of West Berlin during the Cold War.