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Rental Car Execs Say Business Is Strong Despite Brexit and Terror

Car rental companies have bounced back in the last year by becoming smarter about how they reach customers and invest in technology.

3 months ago

Avis Budget CEO Maps Vision for Challenging Uber and Lyft

Getting mobile self-service rentals to market quickly is clearly in the best interest of Avis Budget as business travelers prefer the swiftness of mobile as the company saw weakness with its commercial rentals during the fourth quarter.

8 months ago

Avis Budget Is Disappointed With Its U.S. Business Traveler Car Rentals

Business travelers want convenience above all else and that's something rental car companies aren't the best at delivering, especially on their outdated websites that don't offer user-friendly experiences.

12 months ago

Europcar’s CEO Says Europe’s Rental Car Market Is About to Consolidate

We know it's not all about us, but we've found the consolidation in the U.S. to be incredibly boring. We hope Eukopcar's CEO is totally wrong (even though he's probably right).

1 year ago

Avis Budget’s Q1 Was Worse Than Last Year But Better Than Expected

We lived through years of acquisitions. Now is it time for years of spinoffs?

1 year ago

Avis Budget CFO Weirdly Cites 3 Acquisitions in Process

You gotta love it when big companies speak of "tuck-in" acquisitions. One acquisition that Avis Budget is close to nailing would be for more than $50 million, and that's larger than its acquisition of Payless last year. Small, inconsequential stuff in the world of Avis Budget, and M&A.

2 years ago

Avis Budget’s Zipcar Going Mainstream With Business Travelers

In certain settings and circumstances, and that includes airports and business travel usage, Zipcar is turning out to be an attractive option. Hey, even AARP members are getting on board.

2 years ago

Zipcar and SiriusXM Radio Help Avis Budget Post Stronger First Quarter

Zipcar accounted for only about 3.6% of Avis Budget Group's revenue in the first quarter of 2014, but Zipcar is growing and the proverbial synergies appear to be kicking in.

2 years ago

Avis Budget Is Having a Great Year as Car Rental Volumes Rise

Car rental companies are some of the greatest recipients of the rise in air travel post-recession. A large portion of those rentals are done via Zipcar, once considered a competitor to the traditional car rental industry.

2 years ago

AvisBudget and Zipcar Fleet Synergies Are Hampered by a Cost Problem

Let's see: AvisBudget now realizes 15 months after touting all of the envisioned fleet-sharing synergies with Zipcar that there are costs involved in shuttling the vehicles back and forth between locations? Very curious. One solution is allowing Zipcar to introduce one-way rides, which is a very attractive option for customers regardless.

3 years ago

How Are Car Rentals Changing Due To Digital Channels? Not As Fast As You Think

The world of traditional car rental booking isn't changing as fast as you would assume in a world rushing towards digital and mobile. Is that a function of these companies' hesitancy to embrace these open channels and protect their turf, or is the slower pace of change a real reflection of the car rental consumers?

3 years ago

Avis Budget Acquires Licensee in Canada for $30 Million

It makes sense for Avis Budget to own more locations if it wants a consistent customer experience.

3 years ago