Destinations Promote Tourism and Tech Culture With Pop-Up ‘Houses’ at SXSW Austin

In a super competitive market to attract high-tech talent, cities are promoting their overall livability and lifestyle attributes as much as their tech economies. At SXSW 2016, they accomplished that with expensive and experiential destination marketing strategies integrating local venues and global panels highlighting the future of business.

Marriott Makes a Loyalty Play at SXSW Festival With the Help of Ryan Adams

By partnering with South by Southwest for the first time, Marriott is targeting a new audience that it coins "experience seekers," while also adding a certain cachet to its loyalty program.

The SXSW Event App Tries to Set a New Standard in Conference Customization

After years of talk and conjecture about event app customization and beacon technology, the 2016 SXSW GO app seems positioned to deliver on those expectations.

Austin, TX Rethinks Soft Regulations on Airbnb- and Uber-Like Services

If investors and startups are afraid of regulations that all their competitors have to face as well, then they need to toughen up or figure out a business model that's not dependent on having an unfair advantage.

The Convention Industry Is Turning Second-Tier Cities Into Top-Tier Destinations

Due to accelerating globalization, more cities than ever are competing to attract foreign corporate investment and talent. Therefore, city leaders are placing a higher value on convention centers to help develop their destinations' business brand.

SXSW Attendees Encounter Long Flight Delays After Swag Triggers Security Scare

The idea that swag is a security concern seems humorous at first, but it's better that U.S. airports are extra cautious, even during a seemingly benign event, than let disaster strike.

Austin Hotel Rooms Go For $1,000 Per Night During South by Southwest

It's nice to be a hotelier in Austin during the South by Southwest conference. In this context, last-minute bookings aren't much of an option.

The Evolution of What Once Was the World’s Coolest Conference

Fast Company's extensive historical overview of SXSW Interactive provides a story arc from the birth of 21st century multimedia to Zooey Deschanel.

British Airways to Give Austin, TX Its First Nonstop Flight to Europe

It's not only giving Austin regular flights, but it's doing so in style (with the Dreamliner) and with regularity (seven days a week).