Can Airline Alliances Still Deliver Value to Passengers?

The declining value of cross-over loyalty programs aside, alliances offer benefits to long-haul customers making connections, but their politics make reaching consensus among members on products and services difficult. As the growth of joint ventures, and other airline collaborations show, there are other ways airlines can deliver value to customers and a seamless passenger experience.

Cathay Pacific Is Latest Oneworld Airline to Skewer Its Loyalty Program

It's only a matter of time until American Airlines follows suit.

JetBlue and Brazil’s Azul Nearing Comprehensive Passenger Agreement

Neeleman is getting the band back together!

Delta and China Eastern Deepen Relationship and Expand Networks

For an airline that is always in opposition to Gulf carriers, Delta has certainly taking lots of cues from Etihad on how to build a modern alliance.

Ryanair May Partner on Long-Haul Flights With Virgin, Norwegian and More

If Ryanair continues all these flyer-friendly moves we may no longer recognize the airline we know and loathe.

Qatar Airways Is Eyeing a Stake in IndiGo, India’s Largest Airline

Alliances via equity stakes is the new black.

Delta Continues to Make Alliances Via Investment With China Eastern Stake

With Virgin Atlantic, Gol, and China Eastern, it seems that Delta, like Etihad and Emirates, knows the best alliances come not through codeshares but through significant ownership stakes.

Qatar Airways Is in the Hunt for Alliances Through Investment

We'd like to see Qatar take a cut of United, American, or Delta. That would make the Open Skies debate fun.

Norwegian Air CEO Uses Annual Report to Attack Critics and Alliances

Kjos and Norwegian's backers are making a big bet that they can disrupt trans-Atlantic traffic. You need a bit of chutzpah to make that happen.

Etihad Reports Record Profits of $62 Million, Formalizes Growing Airline Network

The airline's 48% income jump suggests that its quasi-alliance is working and that it's set to grow. The airline's new aviation group is its first step towards formalizing its partnerships into an even more official network.