As Global Demand Slows, Airlines Defer Widebody Jet Orders

Airlines tend to follow each other, so expect more carriers to defer orders for big jets in the near future.

Global Airlines Flirt with Adding Chinese and Russian-made Jets

Russian and Chinese manufacturers have not yet produced airplanes that rival Boeing or Airbus in quality. But over time, because of considerable government funding, that could change.

Jumbo Jets Facing Demise With Stretched-Out Boeing 777

With oil prices at relatively depressed levels, Airbus will do its best to ensure that jumbo jets hang in there but over the long term more fuel-efficient aircraft should rule the day for sustainability's sake.

Airbus Examines Live Data Streaming to End Riddle of Lost Planes

Costly or not, having live streaming of flight data would certainly help with investigations but also provide airlines with much more insight about where more efficiencies can be improved.

NASA Wants to Bring Back Supersonic Jet Travel

There's certainly demand for faster coast-to-coast and intercontinental flights. But airlines and aircraft manufacturers don't seem to want to develop the technology that could make it happen.

Building Airplane Toilets Isn’t Cutting It Anymore for Zodiac Aerospace

Just because airlines are placing large airplane orders doesn't mean part manufacturers can necessarily keep up with demand while maintaining high quality.

British Airways to Grow Fleet After Profit Leap in 2015

BA is the envy of every European airline right now.

Airbus Isn’t Making a Huge Fuss Yet About Its New Plane

Maybe last-minute issues and a delivery delay put a damper on celebrations, but don't worry, aviation enthusiasts. There's still a party planned eventually.

Uber and Airbus Team Up for Helicopter PR Stunt at Sundance

Considering the cost for helicopter rides, there's no wider audience for this (trust us, we've seen the startup deadpool). But like puppy, kitten, and ice cream delivery, it does get Uber some free press.

End of Iran Sanctions Heralds Big Airbus Buy for Iran Air

Normal tourism relations with Cuba and Iran in the same year? It may be bad politics but it's good for progress.