From Amazon in retail, to Uber in transportation and Airbnb in hospitality, a variety of businesses across multiple industries are embracing platform strategies. For the hotel industry, this new model offers both a competitive threat and an opportunity. By using technology to deliver services in more convenient, faster and more transparent ways, these companies are building massive businesses and threatening incumbents. But the truth is that this model offers plenty of lessons for traditional hotels. How can hotels harness the power of platforms to seamlessly unify their operation and realize huge gains in revenue, efficiency, and guest satisfaction in the process?

This report examines:

  • What is a “platform” business model?
  • Why have platform-focused companies like Airbnb, Amazon and Uber been successful across such a wide variety of industries?
  • How might hotels apply the platform model to improve their own operations?
  • What barriers and challenges stand in the way of hotels adopting a more platform-focused strategy?
  • How can implementing a platform strategy help a hotel improve guest satisfaction, improve efficiency and increase revenue?
  • What will a platform-focused hotel of the future look like?

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