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Throughout the week we post dozens of original stories, connecting the dots across the travel industry, and every weekend we sum it all up. This weekend roundup examines tourism trends.

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UNESCO Could Have Helped Saved Venice From Overtourism: Why Didn’t It? UNESCO had, by many accounts, plenty of reason to add Venice to its list of sites “in danger” at its most recent meeting. Its decision not to reveals the complexities of naming World Heritage sites in the age of mass tourism.

New Numbers Hint at Tough 2020 for U.S. Tourism Industry: It’s hard to imagine that a revitalized Brand USA will be able to counter the effects of an expensive dollar and the ramifications of President Trump’s various trade war spats. The U.S. travel sector could be in for a tough 2020.

2019 Innovators in Hospitality and Travel: Summer Edition. Here are some of the most inspiring innovations in design, service, and guest experience in hospitality and travel so far this year. The more the industry can cross-pollinate, learn from others, and experiment, the better it will be.

The Balkans Is a Bright Spot in Europe’s Modest Tourism Growth: It’s not all bad news for European tourist arrivals, but it could be better. However, look to the Balkans for some robust growth fueled by arrivals from China and Russia.

Demand for Iran Tours Rising Despite U.S. Falloff: As antagonism intensifies between the Trump administration and Iran, some American tourists are rethinking plans to visit the country. Barring the start of military activity, tour operators say Iran is a safe and hospitable destination even for U.S. visitors.

Interest in Iran Tours Rising Globally Despite Americans’ Fears: With tensions between the U.S. and Iranian governments escalating, tour operators report that some Americans are rethinking their travel plans. However travelers from other countries are undeterred, and interest in Iran continues to grow.

Travel Advisors Book Sri Lanka Again Thanks to Downgraded Warnings: Tourism to Sri Lanka was riding high until the Easter massacre all but shut it down. Now that foreign governments are scaling back their travel warnings, some travel advisors are again pushing the destination, hoping that tourism will help get the country back on its feet.

Visa Policies Fail to Keep Up With India’s Growing Travel Market: Most countries are still prejudiced against the Indian passport. That’s a shame. Indian travelers are a legitimate, growing source for the global tourism industry. Thailand understands that; Australia not yet. Maybe it’ll take a cricket match to change that.

Underperforming Philippines Extends Tax Breaks to Attract Tourism Investors: Despite its beautiful beaches, the Philippines is a tourism underperformer in Southeast Asia. It keeps luring investors with tax breaks. Critics say maybe it’s better to prioritize peace and order instead. Both are required.

Do the Netherlands Really Want Fewer Tourists? Depends on Who You Ask: Amsterdam has too many tourists. Amsterdam should welcome more flights. The Dutch city has become the perfect place to illustrate the competing and overlapping aims of a tourist economy.

Photo Credit: Tourists at the Desert View Overlook, Grand Canyon National Park. Kent Kanouse / Flickr