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This week in tourism, wildly expensive resort Banwa Private Island is under investigation by Philippine authorities, and negative press threatens to harm the Dominican Republic's travel industry. Plus, be sure to check out our newest Skift research, where we explore the future of international travel.

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Throughout the week we post dozens of original stories, connecting the dots across the travel industry, and every weekend we sum it all up. This weekend roundup examines tourism trends.

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New $100,000-a-Night Resort in the Philippines Faces Hurdles: It’s good to see that the Philippines keeps cracking down on developments to ensure they are in line with environmental and easement issues, even those at the ultra-premium end of the spectrum. But that’s not the only challenge Banwa faces.

Dominican Republic Counters Negative Publicity After U.S. Tourist Deaths: Media reports of seven U.S. tourist deaths in the last year in the Dominican Republic certainly sound alarming. But judgment should be reserved until a connection between them is established. Otherwise the industry may needlessly suffer.

Half a Billion New International Trips in Next Decade: Skift Research Forecast. With 500 million additional new international trips expected over the next decade, it’s unlikely that the average traveler in 2029 will look like the traveler of today.

U.S. Attractions Fail to Satisfy Minority Visitors: U.S. attractions could do a much better job of serving travelers of color. It’s not just a matter of marketing and content curation but hiring practices as well.

Travelers Are Becoming More Environmentally Aware. Has the Cruise Industry Noticed? The cruise industry has historically benefitted from a consumer base that is broadly forgiving of its environmental missteps. But times are changing.

Two Decades of Outbound Travel Visualized: New Skift Research. We often think of international travel in terms of the destination we are visiting. But the origin country of departures can be just as important for spotting trends in the industry.

Budget Hotels Head for a Big Moment: Whether or not Accor will acquire or invest in Oyo, the point is this sector has come a very long way and is heading toward a big moment, born from a college dropout’s entrepreneurial dream in India. The whole travel industry should welcome this.


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Photo credit: View from one of the villas on Banwa Private Island. Banwa Private Island

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