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Airlines Take Notice of Millennials With New Strategies: Millennials don’t always want to go on vacation to places their parents like to visit. Airlines are starting to take notice.

American Express Allows Passengers to Use Loyalty Points to Bid for Flight Upgrades: Those flush with American Express Membership Rewards points have a new tool for bidding on airline upgrades. Caveat emptor on the cost of the upgrades though.

Delta to Make It Easier to Keep Elite Status After a Major Life Event: Has anyone noticed that U.S. airlines are taking customer satisfaction more seriously now than a few years ago? It’s a good trend.

British Airways Parent Isn’t Interested in Buying Thomas Cook’s Airlines: Despite playing a key role in European airline consolidation over the last few years, it seems IAG’s arch dealmaker Willie Walsh is now happy to sit back and let others fight it out.

Photo Credit: United Airlines flight landing at Newark Airport in 2016. Sean O'Neill