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Travel's biggest CEOs are carefully considering this moment, as travel returns, to think about how they can take action and reimagine their companies, and the industry, for the better. Undoubtedly, it's a critical time in travel. The question is: how will we use it?

Series: Skift Global Forum 2022

Skift Global Forum 2022

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For the past two years, the discussions at Skift Global Forum have understandably focused on how travel will recover from and bounce back out of the pandemic. This year is different. Optimism is in the air among many CEOs, though with a watchful eye on the economy. This means we can return to the big picture discussions around innovation, driving change, and fulfilling travel’s role as one of the world’s largest economic drivers, now with sustainability front and center.

In addition to hearing from the game-changers across travel, what are some of travel’s most consequential leaders doing to pursue a better vision for the future for travel? Here are three leaders we are keen to hear from at Skift Global Forum and why:

Expedia Group CEO Peter Kern at Skift Global Forum
Expedia Group CEO Peter Kern (right) in discussion with Skift Executive Editor Dennis Schaal at Skift Global Forum in New York City on Sept. 22, 2021.

Peter Kern: Democratizing The Travel Ecosystem

In the last two years, Peter Kern has worked hard as a turnaround CEO at Expedia. After breaking down silos within the company, Kern has now set his sights on a vision and strategy to democratize travel’s ecosystem and removing the barrier for smaller entrants to play a role in travel bookings. As consumers are broadening their trusted sources for recommendation and buying decisions, what happens when creators and even DMOs can also have a platform to directly drive demand? We’ll hear more on stage, as well as Peter’s focus on traveler experience and expanding Expedia’s offerings.

Peru Sacred Valley Ccaccaccollo Woman from Women Weaving Co-op Weaver Embracing Bruce Poon Tip
Community tourism focused non-profit organization Planeterra, founded by Bruce Poon Tip in 2003, launched a groundbreaking new Global Community Tourism Network.

Bruce Poon Tip: The Transformational Power of Travel

Tour operators have always had a direct connection to people and cultures through their work. Perhaps that’s why they are often at the forefront when it comes to sustainability and thinking about people first in our industry. Having been a founder and leader in travel for over 30 years, G Adventures’ Bruce Poon Tip has always carried a strong view on what travel could be doing better. Recognizing the critical nature of this time we are in as an industry, Bruce will present his views on how travel can embrace being a transformational industry as opposed to constantly seeking more growth and more travelers. This time is travel’s chance to get it right and not return back to the pitfalls of the past. Will we take it seriously?

Marriott CEO Anthony Capuano speaking at Skift Global Forum
Marriott CEO Anthony Capuano (right) speaking with then-Skift Hospitality Reporter Cameron Sperance at Skift Global Forum in New York City on September 22, 2021.

Tony Capuano: Transforming The Brand and Driving Impact

Marriott? Well yes, though big companies have a reputation for moving slowly, Tony Capuano has not wasted time in taking action at Marriott since being appointed CEO last year. Hotels globally are working quickly to adapt to a world where the ways in which we live, work, and travel are blurred — or The Great Merging, as we call it. Naturally, sustainability will also be a key topic area, and how can big brands affect real change? We’ll hear more on the big changes afoot strategically and operationally at Marriott, how choppy economic waters will impact travel, and macro trends that will be felt across the industry.

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