Japan Wants Self-Driving Taxis for the 2020 Olympics

It'll be interesting to see if automated car technology can cope with the traffic congestion in a city like Tokyo.

Los Angeles Wants to Improve Public Transit in Order to Attract the Olympics

Los Angeles is better at public transportation that people give it credit for. And if it takes a boondoggle like the Olympics to get the city to make it better we're all for it.

Airstream RVs Make a Comeback for Cost-Conscious Vacations, Airbnbs and Food Trucks

Airstream RVs have made a comeback as motels, Airbnbs, ice cream stores, food trucks, offices, and a great way to see the country.

To Get a New Casino Approved, Steve Wynn Will Improve a Boston Subway Line

Wynn's subsidizing of Boston subways, due to the expected increased use of the system, would be the first such contribution by a private developer. He can afford it: Wynn is playing with house money.

Uber Is Spending $1 Billion to Get Bigger Across India

No one market is big enough to justify Uber's current valuation. That's why it really, really needs India and China.

Atlanta Public Transit to Offer Free Wi-Fi and Launch Uber Partnership

This is way too smart for your typical municipal public transport system in the U.S. Perhaps the proper dateline for this story should read "Copenhagen."

Adding Up Uber’s Victory Over New York City’s Mayor

This is what happens to leaders who don't understand tech, you lose a street fight before you've realized you're in one.

Massachusetts Attorney General Examining Uber and Lyft’s Disability Efforts

We're eager to see Uber, Lyft and their sharing economy peers like Airbnb meet the accessibility standards that other businesses are required to abide by.

Skift Podcast 5: How Bikes Are Changing the Way We Experience Cities

Biking is healthier, more enjoyable and more reliable than most other forms of public transportation; it is also changing people's relationship with their busy urban cities.

Uber Floats an Intercontinental Product in Its Istanbul Water Taxi Service

Will Uber Segway be next?