Local Transit

London Finally Gets Late-Night Weekend Subway Service

London still has a ways to go before its nightlife catches up with other world class destinations.

2 months ago

Budget Bus Travel Boom in France Following Deregulation

A perfect example of how people will always want to travel. If you make travel easier and more affordable to do so, you'll be opening up movement and commerce in a way that can be an economic boost, too.

3 months ago

Streetcars Are Back in the U.S., But They Need a Purpose Beyond Tourism

There's nothing so wasteful as a transit system that doesn't really help people, except, perhaps one that just entertains tourists.

5 months ago

London’s Tube Finally Begins Testing 24-Hour Service

Think of all the tourists who will no longer have to grudgingly take a taxi a midnight because they never expected the Tube not to be running 24 hours.

5 months ago

How Ridesharing Can Go Beyond Travel to Solve Urban Public-Transportation Problems

It's probably only a matter of time before governments and other public services begin to leverage the power of ridesharing services for the public good.

6 months ago

A Robust Bikeshare Network Is Still Developing in U.S. Cities

Bikeshare networks will likely struggle to gain traction until they connect users to more intercity transportation options.

7 months ago

After Brussels Attacks U.S. Will Tighten Security at Airports and Transit Points

Our airports and other transit points would already be safer if leaders didn't rely on poorly paid employees with little job security.

7 months ago

Merlin Entertainments Is Looking to Drive More Business With an Investment in Big Bus

With a small stake in Big Bus, Merlin is trying to diversify its entertainment offerings — not a bad move considering the poor performance of its theme park group last year.

8 months ago

What Cities Can Learn From Travelers Using Apple Pay on London’s Tube

London's contact-less payments system is already embraced by many international travelers who want to quickly get where they're going. It doesn't make sense for travelers to buy a card they may only need a few times and tapping credit cards and Apple Pay on card readers solves this problem.

8 months ago

Seattle Testing the Economics of On-Demand Services With New Labor Rules

Bad news for investors and companies wanting to maximize profits while keeping prices artificially low. Great news for workers and anyone in favor of a rational economy.

11 months ago

Japan Wants Self-Driving Taxis for the 2020 Olympics

It'll be interesting to see if automated car technology can cope with the traffic congestion in a city like Tokyo.

1 year ago

Los Angeles Wants to Improve Public Transit in Order to Attract the Olympics

Los Angeles is better at public transportation that people give it credit for. And if it takes a boondoggle like the Olympics to get the city to make it better we're all for it.

1 year ago