What Cities Can Learn From Travelers Using Apple Pay on London’s Tube

London's contact-less payments system is already embraced by many international travelers who want to quickly get where they're going. It doesn't make sense for travelers to buy a card they may only need a few times and tapping credit cards and Apple Pay on card readers solves this problem.

8 months ago

Amtrak Turns to Private Money to Help Fund New York Tunnel

That the U.S.'s most important rail connection has to deal with these funding issues is a testament to idiotic transportation policy at the federal and state levels.

11 months ago

Las Vegas to Southern California Train Leaps Small Hurdles

We support anything that promises to make California's constant nightmare-traffic less miserable.

11 months ago

Dutch City Reimagines the European Central Train Station

The wildy inventive design at Arnhem Central helps position the city as more than just a mere transfer point for people enroute to Amsterdam.

11 months ago

New Florida High-Speed Train Line Tries to Get Travelers Out of Cars

Anyone who's ever driven from Orlando to Miami knows that traversing Florida highways can be a slog. By offering travelers a faster alternative, Brightline has a chance to succeed.

11 months ago

Eurail Pass Booking is Subject of U.S. Supreme Court Hearing

Should foreign governments, heavily involved in business enterprises and not just governing, be subject to lawsuits in the U.S? The U.S. Supreme Court is taking up the issue.

1 year ago

Amtrak Launches Its First New Brand Campaign in 15 Years

Amtrak is collecting content from both professional "Amtrak Residency" writers and its customers to create a large enough inventory of stories and visuals to show the scale of the rail line's national network.

1 year ago

Amtrak Starts Charging Fees for Excess Baggage

Amtrak, thankfully, says it's not trying to generate revenue by charging fees to passengers exceeding its already generous baggage allowances.

1 year ago

Indonesia Scraps Bullet Train, Seeks New Bids From China, Japan

Indonesia's transport minister is hampering China and Japan's efforts to export high-speed rail technology, citing the need only for more cost effective medium-speed rail.

1 year ago

Europe Considers Its Options for Smarter Security on Its Trains

Europe's trains are still safer than the average movie theater in the U.S.

1 year ago

Reconsidering Railway Security After Thwarted Thalys Attack

Nobody wants airline-style boarding tactics for planes, but rail lines will need to continue to iterate on security rather than just sit tight and wait for a more severe attack.

1 year ago

New York’s Governor Waits on the U.S. Government to Save the Northeast Corridor

Consumers have spoken: They want better rail connections in the Northeast Corridor, the nation's busiest region. But what we have here is a complete failure of leadership.

1 year ago