New Bill Would Bring Terrorist Watch List Check to U.S. Rail Travel

If this bill passes, it looks like ridiculously long security lines could hit U.S. train stations in coming years.

1 month ago

Japan is Readying For World’s Biggest Railway IPO in More Than Two Decades

Tourism demand in Japan is on the rise in recent years and visitors will be looking for a high-end customer experience that matches or exceeds what they'd receive in the air.

1 month ago

Amtrak’s New CEO Is a Freight Rail Veteran

As Amtrak works hard to redefine itself as a leisure travel option, it knows that working with the freight train companies it shares the rails with will be a crucial undertaking in that transformation.

2 months ago

Texas Thinks its High-Speed Rail Plans Will Win Where Others Have Hit Roadblocks

U.S. high-speed rail will continue to be imaginative until all states get on the same page about how to fund these projects.

3 months ago

A High-Speed Train Between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore Could Soon Be a Reality

A bullet train traveling between both countries would be a boon not only for tourism, but also for business. Having seen the positive impact high-speed trains have on tourism and economies in Asia, it makes us wonder why bullet trains haven't yet made their way to the Americas?

3 months ago

Elon Musk Finds a Booster in Putin as Russia Funds Hyperloop Project

Elon Musk's global ambitions are finding a ready audience in Russia and potentially much of the rest of Europe.

4 months ago

Amtrak Enters the Departure Lounge Game — Skift Business Traveler

Perhaps the hardest part for Amtrak will be to make travelers at New York Penn Station forget that they are in the fourth or fifth level of hell. Pretty lights and a good paint job can only take you so far when the infrastructure is literally crumbling around you.

4 months ago

24 Years in The Making, Switzerland Opens World’s Longest Train Tunnel

Travelers can now travel by train from Germany to Italy through the heart of the Alps in less than three hours.

4 months ago

Skift Podcast: Understanding the Needs of Modern Budget Travelers

Price-sensitive travelers would be well served by doing extra research to make sure they understand the true cost of bargain-basement prices.

4 months ago

Hyperloop One Showing Off Super-speed Propulsion Technology

Hyperloop is starting to feel like maybe it's a real thing, now that companies are beginning to test systems in real-world environments.

6 months ago

Skift CMO Interviews: Amtrak’s CMO on Selling Train Travel in Car Country

Amtrak is looking to redefine itself into a solid leisure travel option for American travelers looking to experience the country in a different way.

7 months ago

Japan’s Bullet Trains Are Using Comfort and Sake to Challenge Luxury Jets

The luxury experience will be crucial to Japan's effort to grow its high-speed rail network.

7 months ago