Royal Caribbean Says Americans Are Cruising Closer to U.S. Waters

Anyone still worried about the importance of the Caribbean to cruise lines should be reassured by these results.

Carnival Says It Has Permission to Sail to Cuba With All Guests, Cubans Included

This decision was down to the wire, but Carnival won in the end.

Carnival Will Delay Cruises to Cuba if Cuban-Born Passengers Denied Entry

This is more about muscling Cuban officials than it it appealing to PR concerns in the U.S., but it doesn't hurt that either.

Charleston, SC Still Hasn’t Settled Its Cruise Terminal Issues

Outside of a sports stadium, we can think of few things outside of a cruise terminal which do more to negatively impact the people who live next door in a way that only benefits people who live far away.

U.S. Secretary of State Wades Into Cuba Cruise Debate

Nothing's perfect with travel to Cuba right now, and we'll likely see all sorts of issues until the Castros move on, as do the U.S. politicians who benefit from the Cuban bogeymen.

Skift Podcast: Are You Ready for the Next Wave of Chinese Travelers?

Travel companies that want to grow are rightly keeping a focus on China; 130 million outbound travelers can't be ignored.

Cruise Lines Are Lining up for Cuba, But the Government’s No-Cubans Rule Is Making Waves

Carnival gets to be the first cruise company to sail from the U.S. to Cuba in decades — but it also has to be the first to navigate some tricky territory. Even if Cuba's government eventually allows those who were born in Cuba to cruise to the island, this will sour some potential customers on the idea.

Carnival Corp. Brands Look to Reality TV and Game Shows for Publicity

Cruise operators say one of their biggest challenges is raising awareness of cruising as a vacation option. Getting their product in front of new audiences is a start.

Some of the U.S.’s Biggest Olympics Stars Turn to Cruise Lines for Rio Games Housing

The handy thing about floating hotels is they can go where they are needed. It's just a shame the ships — and temporary residents — will be surrounded by "fetid waters."

New MSC Cruises Order Means More Megaships Are Coming

The news from MSC Cruises shows that cruise lines aren't shrinking their ambitions — or the size of ship orders — as they plan far into the future.