Airbnb Tries to Lure New Hosts With Discounts on a Fathom Cruise

We're not sure if this promotion alone will prompt anyone to sign up as an Airbnb host or take a cruise. But Fathom, which is still an up-and-coming brand, may earn some attention — and hipster cred — for partnering with the high-profile company.

Royal Caribbean Is Optimistic About China Despite Pricing Troubles

Royal Caribbean is adamant that it is in China for the long haul, despite short-term pricing pressures. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the industry responds if capacity proves difficult to absorb.

Zika Fears Contribute to Drop in Some Cruise and Airline Stocks

Zika is having a noticeable affect on the travel industry. We might see more travelers cancel, or decline to book, their vacations to tried-and-true destinations in the Caribbean.

How Cunard Is Trying to Keep Old-World Cruising Relevant

In an industry full of young brands, Cunard Line emphasizes its history to stand apart. But keeping the needs of modern travelers in mind is important too.

Regent Seven Seas’ New Luxury Ship Is ‘A Trophy to the One-Percenters’

The high-end cruise experience keeps getting higher as luxury cruise lines add more lavish options. A $10,000-a-night suite won't be for everyone, but it clearly appeals to a wealthy few, based on Regent Seven Seas Cruises' bookings.

How Royal Caribbean Wants to Make Smart Ships Smarter

Cruise lines have used technology to create experiences on ships that wow guests, but Royal Caribbean's new CIO makes a good point: Tech should also continue to evolve to make the cruise experience easier to navigate for passengers.

Windstar Cruises Hires New Exec From Seabourn in Bid for Expansion

Windstar Cruises needs to connect with travelers who will appreciate its upscale, relaxed small-ship experience; hiring a president with significant sales and marketing experience should help it get that message out.

Queen Mary 2 Debuts Staterooms for Solo Travelers and Expands Kennels

The Queen Mary 2 has long-catered to dogs and their masters, and now even solo travelers are having their day in the sun -- or in their own staterooms, at least.

Fathom Hopes Religious Groups Will Help its Volunteer-Based Cruise Business Survive

Fathom has a dual mission: social impact work in one destination, the Dominican Republic, and cultural enrichment in another, Cuba. Consumers may have a hard time understanding what the cruise line is all about.

Carnival CEO Says Brexit Vote Could Give UK Cruise Lines an Edge

Carnival Corporation pulled off a surprisingly good quarter despite global uncertainty, though capacity growth in China seems to be worrying some on Wall Street.