New Skift Data Deck: The Forces Shaping Business Travel

The Forces Shaping Business Travel Data Deck paints a picture of the business travel landscape and the trends impacting the business traveler of the future through a curation of charts, stats, and data. Download this data deck for free!

Lyft Hires Investment Bank to Explore Deal Options

Lyft would likely have a ton of suitors if it were looking for a sale as it would be a great vehicle for automakers or car rental companies, to cite a few possibilities, to transform their businesses.

Lyft’s $27 Million Deal to Make Drivers Independent Contractors is One Step Closer to Approval

Lyft's case is hopefully a bit for foreshadowing into how Uber's similar case will be handled. As demand increases for ride-sharing drivers have every right to demand that their pay reflects that.

Riders Must Beware the Fine Print When Taking Uber and Lyft

"Read the fine print" is good advice that most of us don't take. When ride-sharing companies treat drivers as contractors instead of employees, they limit their own liability.

The Sharing Economy Is Becoming Acceptable for Business Travelers, But Many Travel Policies Still Aren’t Clear

Many companies are realizing that they cannot ignore the habits of their business travelers, but approval of the sharing economy is far from universal.

Uber Loan Program in Vietnam Drives Shift Away From Scooters

Uber is helping Vietnamese workers finance an upgrade from their scooters to brand new sedans in an effort to attract drivers loyal to its ridesharing service amidst intense competition.

10 Major Cities Working Together to Tackle Airbnb and Uber Regulations

Tip to these cities: Ask former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg for some help. You need a mayor with a tech background to best negotiate with Silicon Valley.

Uber’s Top Competition in China Just Raised Another Huge Financing Round

Even Apple is betting against Uber in China.

Why Uber Continues to Burn Through All Its Cash

For a long time, Uber has pursued a strategy of using bargain fares to acquire new riders and drivers. Eventually, though, the party will end and Uber will be forced to raise prices and compete on the merits of its product instead of price.

Uber Follows Lyft by Allowing Advance Ride Scheduling

Lyft has had a series of wins with business travelers over the past few months. This is Uber's attempt to catch up.