Driver Unionization at Uber and Lyft Escapes a Court Challenge

It isn't often that you see an organization such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce come to the defense of ride-sharing companies that compete with more established car-rental and taxi interests out of concern about unionization efforts at these sharing-economy companies. Lyft and Uber are finding friends in all kinds of crazy places.

2 months ago

Uber’s New Didi Partnership is Stronger Than Lyft and General Motors’

Now that Uber has all but turned its back on China and conceded that giant market to Didi Chuxing through their new partnership it has more time and money to focus on taking away U.S. market share from Lyft.

2 months ago

Car Service Provider Blacklane Looks to Grow Globally After Daimler Investment

Blacklane is looking to bring more traditional, and professional, car service offerings to the on-demand ground transportation space in markets like Asia.

2 months ago

Uber Sells China Business to Rival Didi

The hemorrhaging of money will now stop, but can Uber be the most valuable unicorn in the world if it's conceding in China?

2 months ago

Uber and Lyft Will Help Drivers Get Cars – For a Price

This seems like a win-win for the ridesharing companies and the car companies working with them. What's debatable is whether drivers really benefit, too.

2 months ago

Travelers Taking the Chunnel to France Are Facing Major Security Delays

If delays continue many travelers will not bother using the Chunnel which could hurt those that couldn't otherwise afford to travel.

2 months ago

Uber Looks for a Truce in Its Billion Dollar Battle With Chinese Rival Didi

You know it must be a rough battle if Uber is trying to make friendly. But considering the ambitions of both companies this would only be a temporary truce.

2 months ago

Taxis Battling Ridesharing Services Are Losing the Fight for Business Travelers

As app-based ride-hailing services become widespread in personal use, it's no surprise that corporate travel use is also increasing — even if some employers aren't fully on board yet.

2 months ago

Ridesharing and Car Services May Join Forces Sooner Than You Think

The irony of this conversation, unfortunately for car services, is that ridesharing trips already account for nearly half of ground transportation spending expensed through U.S. companies. So the fingerpointing and recriminations continue.

2 months ago

Self-Driving Cars May Need Total Automation to Cope With Passenger Inattention

Humans have a way of mucking up the works sometimes, especially when you're talking about the initial adoption of new technology like self-driving cars. The test and learn approach will one day solve this problem too.

2 months ago

Business Travel Isn’t Expected to See Big Price Hikes Next Year

Travel managers will have a lot to worry about going into next year; at least significantly higher prices likely won't be one of them.

2 months ago

Vancouver Won’t be Approving Uber Anytime Soon

In Vancouver, Uber probably should have tried the same tactics it deployed in New York City, another major city with a very strong taxi association.

3 months ago