Traditional Car Services Won’t Disappear From Corporate Travel Anytime Soon

While ridesharing has gained solid traction in corporate travel, the business model of traditional car services providing ground transportation to companies is still strong. What remains to be seen is whether car services will widely adopt more user-friendly interfaces for hailing cars on demand.

1 day ago

Uber and Lyft’s Growth Is Slowing in Most Major U.S. Cities

Ridesharing growth in the U.S. is slowing but it's not stopping. If Uber, Lyft and other relevant players can stick to the markets and consumer segments that matter they'll continue to capture them.

1 week ago

Chinese Rules To Bar 80 Percent of Ride-Sharing Cars in Shanghai

The bureaucrats in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen are taking dramatic steps to reduce the number of ride-sharing company Didi Chuxing's drivers and cars. With the degree of pollution in cities such as Beijing, the crackdown isn't entirely without merit. Nor is it the last word on the subject, though, as there is a lot of demand for these services.

2 weeks ago

Is Uber’s Huge Commission Rate a Red Flag and Opportunity for Competitors?

Uber's high commissions -- which piss off drivers -- represent an opportunity for competitors, although Lyft's take rate is roughly on par with Uber's. At some point, Uber might need to hurt its own bottom line by being more generous with its drivers -- especially since driverless cars aren't around the corner.

2 weeks ago

Ford-Backed Self-Driving Car Startup In Talks for Big Funding Round

It looks like self-driving cars are actually going to happen. There will be plenty of winners and losers among the various competitors. The disruption will impact lots of people who drive for a living. Meanwhile, we hope pedestrians will be OK.

3 weeks ago

Waze Doesn’t Want You to Get Lost When You Lose Your GPS Signal in Tunnels

We have to ask: why didn't anyone think of this sooner?

4 weeks ago

Uber Wants to Negotiate After Judge Rejects Settlement With Calif. Drivers

Now that Uber's low-ball offer to settle with its California drivers has been tossed out, the ride-sharing giant will try to avoid going to court once again.

1 month ago

Audi Launches Rent by Hour Plan in Hong Kong and Looks to Gridlocked Beijing

The race is on for auto manufacturers and car rental companies to adapt to on-demand ride-sharing and other mobile services. Audi is the latest carmaker to get involved although China could turn out to be a tough market to break into.

2 months ago

Google Challenging Uber With New Waze-Powered Ride-Share Service

Google-owned Waze is a compelling navigation app, but whether Google can turn it into the foundation for a winning ride-share service will have to be tested in the marketplace over the next few months and years. Google is a latecomer to the field, although the sector is likely to undergo more disruption and a revolution in years to come.

2 months ago

Uber Is Setting New Records for Losing Money Quickly

Uber can be huge and it is transformative, but it will be near impossible to live up to the lofty valuations it has used to raise more and more money. Especially as it reaches a saturation point in the U.S. while still losing cash.

2 months ago

The IRS Makes It Easier to Pay Taxes on Uber and Airbnb Income

This is a clear sign that the sharing economy isn’t in its infancy anymore.

2 months ago

Uber Tells Investors It Won’t Get in Any Lyft Bidding War

Lyft is only now becoming a real threat to Uber. It seems premature to seek an exit.

2 months ago