International Terminal at Chicago O’Hare Airport to Be Expanded for First Time

They do things big in Chicago and the international terminal at its signature airport, Chicago O'Hare, will see its first major expansion since it arrived on the scene more than two decades ago.

London Mayor Urges Britain’s New PM to Build a Second Gatwick Runway

We didn't get anywhere with London airport expansion plans under David Cameron or Boris Johnson, but perhaps new leaders in the mayor and prime minister's offices will help change that.

Nearly Half of TSA Employees Have Been Cited for Misconduct

The TSA has been a mess for years. Reform itself is probably impossible given its current bureaucratic structure, which doesn't punish employees strongly enough for misbehavior and insulates the TSA's leadership from making hard decisions about those who misbehave.

Bill to Boost Airport Security and Reduce Checkpoint Lines Passes U.S. House

It's not ground-breaking stuff, but at least Congress is addressing security shortfalls at U.S. airports. Travelers should be pleased.

All-You-Can-Fly and 4 Other Aviation Trends This Week

These are the aviation trends we were talking about this week.

NTSB Probes Delta Flight That Landed at Wrong Airport

Pilots landing flights at the wrong airport happens more often that you'd think -- or be comfortable with.

Congress Is Finally About to Approve an Aviation Bill to Relieve Lines and Boost Security

The bill — which is expected to pass the House and Senate — won't make everyone completely happy. But it was necessary, with a little more than a week left before the expiration of the Federal Aviation Administration's operating authority.

Dreaded TSA Airport Horror Show Didn’t Materialize Over Holiday Weekend

The TSA security lanes didn't break over the July 4th weekend in the U.S., although that doesn't the agency's efficiency problems are fixed.

TSA to Automate Checked-Bag Screening in Test at U.S. Airports

Further automation of checked-bag screening holds promise for security and faster lines if it enables TSA personnel to focus more heavily on behavioral factors.

Analysis Shows That Despite Criticism, TSA PreCheck Effectively Reduces Terrorism Risk

On the whole, PreCheck appears to be both improving the passenger experience and making the global security situation safer.