Monarch’s Flights Will Soon Lose Protection From UK Licensing Scheme

Monarch had been brought into the Civil Aviation Authority’s ATOL scheme following its near collapse in 2014. Although on the surface its departure might look worrying, it is actually reassuring that it is now able to start behaving like other airlines.

5 days ago

United Turns Its Focus From International to Domestic Growth

United's new international flights, especially those to secondary cities in China, could be massively profitable some day. But it generally takes long-haul flights some time to ramp up. It makes sense that United will now place more emphasis on its domestic network.

6 days ago

6 Highlights From the DOT’s New Passenger-Friendly Airline Guidelines

Some consumer protections are better than no consumer protections. But the steps outlined this week by the Obama Administration are relatively minor. They won't do much to change the travel experience.

6 days ago

Ryanair Is the Latest Airline to Suffer Brexit-Induced Turbulence

While an expected profit of almost $1.5 billion is still mighty impressive, the warning signs are there that a prolonged period of Brexit-based uncertainty is likely to be very bad news for airlines.

6 days ago


Free Report: The Airline Industry’s Connected Commerce Future

The challenge, and opportunity, for airlines is to evolve their businesses for a new “connected commerce” environment. Download your FREE report now!

6 days ago

Volaris CEO Interview: Mexico’s Top Low-Cost Carrier Knows What Passengers Want

Volaris is probably the most successful New York Stock Exchange-traded airline stock you've never heard of. In about a decade, Enrique Beltranena has built the airline into powerhouse in Mexico. Now, he wants to expand. Will it work?

6 days ago

United Needs More Revenue to Help Pay for Its New Labor Deals

Give credit to United CEO Oscar Munoz for reaching new labor deals with many of United's employee groups. But buying labor peace is expensive. And now United's new executive team needs to come up with some creative ways to offset the increased costs.

7 days ago


The Evolution of Airline Revenue Management

Airlines need to incorporate a next-generation revenue management solution that goes above and beyond just the management of seat revenue. Success in today’s industry requires a solution that incorporates advanced technology that is robust and provides airlines with more accurate, real-time information in an easy-to-consume and interpret format.

1 week ago

United Airlines Is Improving But Now It Needs to Deliver

United has engendered a lot of goodwill because of the hirings of Oscar Munoz as CEO and later Scott Kirby as president but investors are impatient to see better bottom-line performance.

1 week ago

Frugal Travelers Turn to Business Class Fares to Earn Elite Status

Business class fares are becoming so reasonable that it often makes sense to book the tickets for the mileage bonuses. In many cases, elite status can be earned with one single flight.

1 week ago

U.S. Airlines’ Monthly On-Time Performance Drops in August

The airlines have made big changes — mainly through holding boarding and padding schedules — that have cut out the tarmac delays. Their errors may cost them this month.

1 week ago

Cathay Pacific’s Grim Outlook Courtesy of Rival Chinese and Gulf Carriers

As the writer points out, Cathay Pacific's future doesn't look favorable unless the carrier does something drastic — and that likely means major investments in the passenger experience that makes it hard to pass up.

1 week ago