9 Priorities as Millennials and Gen Z Move to the Front of the Plane

Airlines are in the process of radically rethinking their premium class offerings. They should not forget about the next generation of passengers.

As Global Demand Slows, Airlines Defer Widebody Jet Orders

Airlines tend to follow each other, so expect more carriers to defer orders for big jets in the near future.

Airlines are Making a Fortune so Why Is Wall Street Complaining?

Airlines and Wall Street analysts are complaining about lower revenues, but that has been great news for consumers, who can take advantage of historically low ticket prices.

Slashing Loyalty Benefits and 8 Other Aviation Trends This Week

These are the aviation trends we were talking about this week.

Southwest Airlines Still Canceling Flights for Third day in a row

The network router outage is dealing havoc with Southwest's schedules as crews have found themselves out of position for their next flights.

American Says Actions Against Discount Airlines Paid Off

American is getting even better at wringing revenue out of its customers.

FAA Finds ‘Minor’ Safety Lapses in Multiple Areas at Allegiant Air

The FAA didn't find Allegiant's safety lapses as to be so extensive as to warrant enforcement action. On the other hand, there is cause for concern because deficiencies were found in several areas of the airline's operations.

American Airlines Beats Estimates on Profits, Defers Aircraft Orders

The pack mentality is to cut growth plans for later this year to boost fares and that's exactly what American is doing.

Missing MH370 Flight Spurred Airline Tracking And Safety Changes

Everything is moving so slowly around the disappearance of flight MH370, including the implementation of safety reforms and the search for the missing plane.

Maverick Southwest Will Stick With What Works While Competitors Trim Schedules

Other airlines are cutting short-term capacity, but Southwest Airlines has no desire to follow the pack.