Airlines Are to Blame for Most U.S. Flight Delays, Not the Weather

Interesting that Delta is so far away from the other carriers, both in terms of performance and where it places the blame.

Qantas is Finally Making Money and Now Investors Want Their Share

It's the same story all over the world. Investors, focused on short-term returns, crave dividends on their airline stocks.

Southwest and JetBlue Loyalty Plans Are Best for Free Domestic Tickets Says Study

Southwest and JetBlue might have the cheapest redemptions, but savvy frequent flyers generally still find more value in programs offered by American, Delta, and United.

American Airlines Quietly Experiments With Disrupting Its Award Ticket Pricing

It's becoming clear that airlines are not done with their loyalty experimentation.

Will Low-Cost Airlines Benefit From a Brexit-Induced Corporate Travel Slowdown?

If the UK economy moves into recession, companies will look to slash their corporate travel budget. Full service carriers like British Airways are likely to take the bigger hit, which could benefit low-cost airlines like easyJet.

Senators Ask About Airline IT Fail and 7 Other Aviation Trends This Week

These are the aviation trends we were talking about this week.

More Flights and Cheaper Tickets on the Way for U.S.-Mexico Routes

Getting flights to lesser-known destinations in Mexico has always been a struggle. The new rules have the potential to quickly create new tourism favorites.

Southwest Wants to Start Working With More International Airlines

It makes sense that Southwest is finally realizing what other airlines have known for years — partnering with international airlines makes good business sense.

Thai Airways Tries to Plot Path to Growth With New Aircraft

Airlines with older fleets face two big problems: ageing jets aren't as attractive to customers and they are less fuel efficient. Thai Airways' plans to bring in newer aircraft should go some way to helping the business grow again.

Experts Try New Type of Analysis to Redefine Malaysia Airlines Flight Search Zone

Experts are already plotting the next search area for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 but as the 3-year anniversary of when the flight went missing approaches, it isn't clear that there is the will to come up with additional funding for the search. We hope that the countries involved do keep the search going to resolve what happened to the doomed jet.