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Gatwick may roll out a second runway to attract Asia traffic

Gatwick is arguing that the "obsession" with Heathrow's hub system limits real discussion of aviation growth in England's southeast.


Canberra pulls in more Australian visitors while losing international ones

Despite an exchange rate that encourages international travel, Canberra is having surprising success driving domestic travel.


South Africa will look to social tourism to boost growth

The most interesting element of South Africa's push is the focus on improving the quality of life for residents as a way to lure visitors.

Online Travel

The most social landmarks worldwide, ranked by Facebook check-ins

How do you build a tourism strategy around TGI checkins? No, really. OK, not really. Point is: don't read too much into it, you social media types. Have you seen people being social IRL at Times Square?


Ellison’s Hawaiian island purchase was a relative bargain (for him)

Forbes' calculations point out that the purchase of Lanai took as much out of Ellison's fortune as the purchase of a used Chevy would hit a simple millionaire.


British Airways wants Londoners to stay put for the Olympics

Outbound tourism people don't like this campaign at all but, c'mon, why not root for the home team? Plus: Out- and in-bound flights from Heathrow are almost completely booked up during the games.


Korean Air picks Nairobi for its first scheduled flights to Africa

Korea's wisely following the lead of its regional rival China, which has been building strong financial ties to east Africa for the last decade.


How Caribbean governments are killing the hotel sector

Even the staunchest defender of the status quo would have to admit that the state of utilities and inter-island transport is due for a major overhaul.


Visitors to UN green gathering in Rio greeted by pollution and raw sewage

Rio is the perfect setting for a meeting devoted to how global leaders can best manage rapid urban growth and the demands of the developing world.


U.S. presidential candidate Romney is sending his fancy horse to the Olympics

This is probably not the best news for a man struggling to connect with all the non-fancy-horse owners in the U.S. electorate.