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Budget airline Fastjet to launch in Africa with EasyJet founder’s support

Fastjet's reliance on already approved routes and leased aircraft, not to mention EasyJet's expertise, give it a shot in an environment where few have tried.


Will London’s Olympic park kill the city’s tech industry?

City planners and developers love to throw around the promise of a hot industry moving into a location, but unless there are real benefits to encourage uprooting, there's no reason for London's current crop of tech stars to leave Shoreditch.


Tourism and hipsterism: The High Line case study

Gentrification doesn't have to to all be about Disneyfication.


The upside of traveling post-disaster is not just economic

Post-disaster tourism should always take its cues from locals as opposed to voluntarism business that feed off wealthy travelers' desire to "help."


The U.S.’s new transportation bill is a complete failure

The federal government failed once again to address the growing need for well-thought out urban and regional mass transit projects, forcing metro authorities to step in and fill the void.


What the wrecking balls mean to Beijing’s culture and history

This non-emotional report of a city in a state of rapid change rarely seen before cuts to Beijing's central challenge: Can you build the city of the future while wiping out its past?


Thomas Cook cuts Olympic ticket and hotel packages by 50%

Despite the promises that Olympic business is brisk, it's becoming more likely that the committee's carefully orchestrated release of rooms and events tickets has not worked as planned.


Bahrain tries to lure back cruise ships by cutting port fees

Bahrain knows that the cruiselines first scared off by unrest and then by sky-high insurance premiums won't return until costs decline and think that slashing port fees are just the ticket.


SkiftDesign: The tricky task of finding the right logo for the UAE

That UAE monarchy is asking public to vote is a change in itself, a sign of the times in that region.

Online Travel

Social travel startups eat your heart out: “Facebook bragging” boosts Aussie tourism

Hence our general skepticism of specialized social travel startups.