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Delta’s international fleet to get Wi-Fi by 2013

Delta is turing to Gogo for its international offering after the service already helped them build the industry's largest fleet of Wi-Fi equipped planes.

Online Travel

Now it’s Paris’ turn for wireless access on public transit

Paris has been a front-runner in city-wide Wi-Fi (albeit paid) for the last decade. The new proposal will add a free option to the mix.


Chicago airports to get limited free access with Wi-Fi

Devil is in details: no word on what those "limited sites" will be. And it does not include email beyond initial promo period. But then, just improving cell signal in airports would solve lots people's woes.


Tiered-access net neutrality has a parallel world in hotel free wi-fi-land

The tiered access debate has been going on in the mainstream Internet industry for years now, and looks like it is coming to the hotel industry as well. Here's hoping the "ancillary revenues" movement does not come to hotels.


The tipping point of in-flight WiFi has arrived

Airlines that cater to flyers who need WiFi are building loyalty among high-tech travelers and businesspeople. Those that don't deliver are going to lose out.


Eurostar’s upgrades include WiFi in cars by 2013

Eurostar's older models will receive upgrades and the line also plans to add new cars in early 2014; travelers will be able use WiFi and stream entertainment options to their own devices.


How hotels can start to despise Wi-Fi a little less

Consumer demand for Wi-Fi -- especially the free variety -- isn't going to change. Here's what hotels should consider as they upgrade services.