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World War I cemetery touched up in anticipation of centennial crowds

Tourism, in its most rudimentary form, should educate travelers and connect ideas or people that would have not otherwise met. The WW I cemeteries bring to life a war, and a people, that had a lasting impact on the world today.

3 years ago

Auschwitz visited by 1.43 million people in 2012, a record number in its 65-year history

Travel is, and should be, as eye opening and educational as it is fun. Preservation efforts are currently underway to ensure that future travelers will be able to see and learn about Germany's past atrocities.

4 years ago

Sri Lankan army opens a sea-side resort on site where it committed crimes against humanity

How do you know you're staying in a bad place? When the UN reminds you that tens of thousands of people were recently killed right next to your beachside bungalow.

4 years ago

The Disneyfication of war tourism in Sri Lanka wrongly represents one region’s unpleasant reality

Too often war tourism mitigates the horrors of conflict rather than educate travelers on the reality of a location and its people’s history.

4 years ago

Will opening tyrant Robert Mugabe’s old home to tourists help Zimbabwe’s nascent tourism industry?

Zimbabwe is ready to offer up any of its historical and natural resources to keep the tourism industry growing, but the plan could backfire if Westerners are turned off by the glorification of a despot.

4 years ago

War tourism brings foreigners to hike Nepal’s now-peaceful Guerrilla Trek

The trails where the Maoist party once fought for their independence are now hoped to bring economic stability to the nation, a technique that has succeeded in Vietnam and China.

4 years ago

Communist-built bomb bunkers are transformed into hostels in Albania

The fate of the bunkers is debated in Albania where citizens are divided whether the eyesores should be refashioned as cultural monuments or discarded along with painful memories of the country’s past.

4 years ago

Hotel and rental home occupancies in Turkish border province shoot up due to Syrian conflict

As journalists flock to the region and well-off Syrians flee their country to rent safer homes, the Turkish border province rebounds from a dip in tourism, but these are revenues they're eager to replace.

4 years ago

Post-war Sri Lanka’s tourism boom, for war artifacts

While we can turn up our nose on this triumphalism, war tourism is one way of dealing with the traumas. Read the comments on the Economist story to get the complexities & emotions involved.

4 years ago