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Virgin Australia Promises 2016 Will Be Its Comeback Year for Profitability

This is the news shareholders have been holding their breath for years to hear.

1 year ago

Delta Agrees Not To Outsource Pilots’ Jobs to Virgin Atlantic

The durability of Delta's agreement with pilots not to outsource their work to Vigin Altantic on London flights remains to be seen because the pact doesn't contain any penalties for Delta if it fails to live up to its word.

2 years ago

Virgin Group Plans a Cruise Line With Backing from Bain

We're still a long way off from booking a Virgin Cruise. And if the extended delays between the announcement of Virgin Hotels and the first one opening is any indication, Sir Richard will be in his twilight years before he sets sail.

2 years ago

Richard Branson Invests $30 Million in Bitcoin Payment Processor

With Virgin Galactic passengers being able to pay in bitcoin, Richard Branson's investment in BitPay means he is putting serious money behind this payment gamble, although it may not turn out to be one of his most prudent investments.

2 years ago

Richard Branson Allegedly Looks to Cruising for Next Travel Venture

After two years of illness and bad press, the cruise industry is ripe for disruption, but Virgin's drawn-out entrance into the hotel sector suggests we won't see Branson at the helm of any ships for several years.

3 years ago

Animal Rights Activists Attack Richard Branson for Virgin’s SeaWorld Vacation Packages

SeaWorld would love the 'Blackfish' furor to die down, but that doesn't appear likely any time soon. We await Sir Richard's backpedaling.

3 years ago

New Skift Trends Report: Online Video Strategies in the Travel Industry

Video is the closest thing to an immersive experience that marketers can deliver. Discover which travel brands have been most successful producing and distributing video and why their content resonates with viewers and customers.

3 years ago

Biographer Takes on the Legacy of Virgin’s Richard Branson

Does anyone really believe that Sir Richard is all he makes himself out to be? His greatest invention has always be that of his personal brand.

3 years ago

Virgin Galactic Completes Another Test Flight of Its Spaceship

New Mexico's space port has its fingers crossed that the delays will end and it can begin seeing revenue come in from Virgin's endeavor.

3 years ago

Delta and Virgin Atlantic Consider Ways to Merge Identities

Delta and Virgin Atlantic are on the same page regarding their network goals, but the culture clash that will occur when they consider blending signature perks would be very interesting to observe. Virgin can lend a little cool to Delta, but what aspects of Delta's culture would be appealing to Virgin? Hmmm.

3 years ago

The First 700 Tickets on Virgin Galactic’s Space Flights Have Been Sold

In Branson world, consumers line up to pay him crazy amounts of money for a ticket to ride into space. He's doing it in our world, too

3 years ago

Virgin Australia Ends the Fiscal Year With an A$110 Million Loss

These loses may be pegged on factors like the new booking system, you can't underestimate the effect of the Qantas-Emirates tie-up.

3 years ago